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Posted by: dave Jan 2 2018, 06:38 AM
-moved dn_w_fog* scripts, etc into the module and out of the hak [many were duped]
-dn_deity.2da moved into the server hak from the override dir
-moved all code from dn_inc_spell_fog into dn_inc_fog and nuked dn_inc_spell_fog. I saw no compelling reason to have both files kicking around
-refactored a bunch of stuff in dn_inc_fog, as well as in some scripts that call these functions, including fixing a number of broken/missing/incorrect magic numbers
-updated the dn_area* and dn_inc_area scripts (related to above)
-defined a new area-event (dn_inc_event) related to fog
-implemented a new area-event for the new fey dungeons (dn_area_*, dn_inc_area)
-updated and improved dn_inc_fog/DN_GetIsAreaAlwaysDay()
-DN_SaveInitialFogSettingsForArea() is now called once in dn_area_enter, instead of in every other custom fog handling function
* This was a consequence of writing something to stick on the vault and not wanting to deal with helping people update their module scripts, back in the day. Cleanup was long overdue.
-re-wrote the Fog Debug setting reporting function (WIP)
-Gust of Wind and Air Ellie Whirlwind Pulse now reduce fogginess in the area on casting (implemented in spellhook)
-started puttering around with implementing a "dn debug" chat command to set up a debug hook for dn scripts analagous to the "ems debug" hook for builders [dn1_chathelp.2da updated]

-rebuilt scripts


Posted by: dave Jan 15 2018, 06:45 AM
-refactored some bits in dn_inc_debug
-added some robe related resources, including a test merchant in my house with samples of all the robe appearances
-updated the x0_skill_ctrap dialog robe handler to reuse the tailoring model system for cycling through previous//next/specific appearances values
* This opens up all available robes to all players. Note that some models are not available for some races, sexes, or phenotypes.
* The previous dialog tried to filter out models that don't exist; selecting a valid appearance is now left to the player's discretion.
* The new system will not be fully functional until the release of the 035 update for Dreu Noctem (in progress)
* Updated custom store palette to add fodler for Test Assets
* Removed magic number mangler (+2 offset) from x2_inc_itemprop.nss/IPCreateAndModifyArmorRobe() and added debug msg


* Open module in TS
* Delete dn_im_* from the temp0 directory [obsolete filter scripts and robes changer scripts tied to specific values/lines in parts_robes.2da]
* Import ERF and overwrite all assets
* Rebuild all scripts


Posted by: arQon Jan 16 2018, 02:33 AM
2018-01-15-kev-mod. zip - LIVE

imported dave_180114.erf

the pillars of light in the pantheon now have descriptions

the saves bonuses for deity blessings are now +3 rather than +2

"orphaned" henchman (caused when a PC disconnects with them still hired) will move to AFK after 5 mins, and wait there for 2 hours so players can recover any items they may have given them.

removed Who Rods from kranle ironmonger, afk bathing suit mechanic (which is also the nymph's delight fairy in magt), and the magt armory (tedia). (afaict, those were the last 3 shops in the world that still carried it).

Posted by: dave Jan 22 2018, 07:36 AM
-fixed creature drops for Deep Slugs
-manually colorized The Breech placeable in Two Roads to emphasize that it has an area transition function
-updated dn_inc_appearance to support the 035 patch update
-updated dn_inc_robes and related assets for 035 patch (Euriga's Robepack #2)
-updated scroll blueprints for Mass Regeneration scroll (L4 regen) and Greater as well (L4 regen)
-updated a door name in GV Towah of Divine Might
-updated Crossroads to Birnham forest transition slightly
-updated some MC monster blueprints lootbag assignments

Import/Overwrite all. No need to recompile scripts.


Posted by: arQon Jan 23 2018, 01:35 AM
dave_180121.erf has issues:

dn_inc_apperance.nss(800): Error: NSC1045: Variable "DN_APPEARANCE_TYPE_PREHISTORIC_TRICERATOPS" defined multiple times in the same scope (previous definition at dn_inc_apperance.nss(247))
dn_inc_apperance.nss(800): Error: NSC1046: Identifier "DN_APPEARANCE_TYPE_PREHISTORIC_TRICERATOPS" is already defined at dn_inc_apperance.nss(247)

let me know which of those values is correct, or fix and resubmit please.

Posted by: dave Jan 23 2018, 02:46 AM
Bah, Just add a "_2" to the second one. Sorry I missed that.


Posted by: arQon Jan 23 2018, 02:59 AM - LIVE

imported dave_180121.erf

Mother Lannalveffine in the temple of aytay actually had the temple of mithra convo attached to her.

Salty Bob was naked, because the Paladin armor he was supposed to be wearing was corrected to only-by-LG a while ago, and he's TN.

Captain Tractor's custom leather armor had an *extra* 10% ASF. i'm guessing it's supposed to be MINUS 10%. tongue.gif

none of the merchants in faeyn bought boots. riesl now does, and also sells boots of elvenkind.

fixed a typo on all the broken mineshafts on ogygia island.

added non-exc ada tower shields to grak.

tweak ACF to not message (or react to) combat drops if the PC is hidden (ie chose to broke off combat by HIPSing).

Malbec (Rakis Camp) has been given a Commoner level to try and stop her chasing formians halfway across the desert if they attack the camp.

AFK's two entry WPs have been consolidated into just the ZIP_afk WP. (Fiddler's Green etc were already using the ZIP WP: only the afk widget itself was still using the old WP).

"/w area" now includes the area's name (helpful when making notes in unfamiliar areas).

sorella's respawn timer on the rotarran has been cut down to 10s, since she has a tendency to be missing from it for quite some time even at 60s.

the runestone for the FOY quest should now autoloot.

(hopefully) fixed an issue with Plot Items and Relics not messaging when they were autolooted.

corrected the aytay towers keys to be Plot Items, so they should now autoloot and automessage properly.

the weary leveler (and, technically, all xp loss code, but only the egg can actually cause level loss) now clears the pc skin if a level is lost, to prevent the skin being unequipped and requiring a relogin to get it back.

the second attempted fix for star seeds spamming their onacquire message on re/join still didn't actually stop it reliably either, because of a bug (setting the flag on the module instead of the seed) which has now been fixed.

made yet another attempt to fix henchmen constantly ignoring "Follow Me" (VEE) after (literally!) 5 seconds. they can still be pulled into combat by AOOs, and will retaliate no matter what if hit along the way, but it's definitely progress at least.

epic bracers will now activate for henchmen. \o/

epic SETS will now activate for henchmen. biggrin.gif
note: "Powered-Up" Set Items must be unequipped from the henchman before you can remove them.
note: you may have problems removing Set Items from henchmen because of engine bugs. closing and reopening the henchman's inventory will fix that.
NOTE: DO NOT DISMISS *OR LEVEL UP* HENCHMEN WITH POWERED-UP SET ITEMS, or they will be LOST FOREVER! i'll address this eventually, but it's tricky and i'm wiped out right now.

man, that was a LOT of work... smile.gif

deleted the "craftersapron" script which has been a no-op since the ATS Tools Feat and Apron were added.

deleted the "craftersapronsimple" item, which is unneeded and unwanted since the ATS Tools Feat and Apron were added.
(note: the ats merchants still have a reference to it in their inventories, which are in the HAK. they also have a reference to the stupid no-drop ats trade journals, which were deleted months ago. i'm not going to rev the hak just for that, but we should do it next time we're in there).

Posted by: arQon Jan 25 2018, 01:01 AM - LIVE

fixed a bug in dn_mod_reequip, which although it runs the correct scripts for the equipped items of the resurectee didn't actually set the items or creature correctly. (it couldn't, because there were no suitable engine interfaces for that). the only reason it worked at all was because TIR_Equip etc take the PC and item as arguments rather than using the engine calls directly.
Sets were still using the engine calls until the last patch though, and only "worked" because Set Item properties are permanent: the scripts were actually running on random players. smile.gif

fixed a related bug in dn_spellhook, which was incorrectly running the reequip script on OSELF - which is whoever cast resurrection - rather than on the module object.

removed a leftover debug message in the DD Set code.

blackguard summons now use EMS_HENCH_SHOW_SAVES.

blackguard summons are no longer immortal in local test mode (messes up trying to test balance too often).

familiars are no longer immortal in local test mode (likewise).

nospmis changed Race last month and stopped dropping HKs as a result: they now have +15s placed on them to restore that behavior. also tweaked their builds a little.

gords were inexplicably wearing Boots Of The Bear, which are only-by-monk and only-by-lawful, neither of which the gords actually are, and as a result the boots will be unequipped immediately when they spawn. changed to Hardened.

warrior sparks have had their bw gs (+3 +1d6E) replaced with an exc mith.

Posted by: dave Jan 28 2018, 02:41 PM
-updated various placeable models for instances and blueprints in the module that reference obsolete redundant models
• NS Harborside Mines updated
• Amur Weyr areas updated
-updates a pair of ranckor builds after playtesting
-renames MC Weyr to mark it "on Hold" for NWNEE

Instructions: Unzip into temp0 & Overwrite all

Posted by: arQon Jan 29 2018, 10:01 AM - LIVE

imported (which is actually named "")

removed references to the Simple crafter's apron and ats no-drop journals in the ats mastercrafter inventories
(needs updated hak, wich is NOT uploaded yet)

rewrote fog code. expect problems, and it's very clunky right now, but spell-induced fog should at least clear up properly.

Posted by: dave Feb 11 2018, 05:22 PM

Before importing
-delete dnsc_q1_*.* from temp0
-delete dn_q1_q*.n* from temp0
-delete dn_q1_w_kthughed.* from temp0
-delete dn_q1_w_mineperm.n* from temp0
-delete dn_q9*.n* from temp0

after import
-rebuild all scripts

-wrote DNXQ script set based on both the Miller Quest and the DNEQ system
-nuked redundant vars on the Miller quest tracking and status [oy, so much bookkeeping]
-updated module journal file - Miller quest tag updated from q9 to DNXQ9
-updated dn_c2_i0_generic to handle DNXQ quest VFX markers on NPCs
-updated Miller NPC and updated his convo to work with DNXQ system
-Miller NPC no longer needs despawn escape (removed)
-updated Mill Beetle Encounter templates and instances in the Mill basement (first pass)
-updated dn_inc_q_const (Miller quest no longer persists, old const commented out)
-updated dn_inc_q_journal (old Miller quest persistent vars now deleted on player login)
-updated Miller Journal entry state values to comply with DNXQ system (old rewards were hardcoded in script, journal was set to 0xp reward)
-refactored some code across the AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ quest systems - I should retest all of these more!!!
-moved Felling from the Commoner palette folder in Bifrost to the Quest folder
-DNXQ system allows for a unique reward (eg Miller Ring) and a common reward (eg cure wounds pot) for PCs completing quests. Unique rewards are not granted to players already in possession of the reward item, for example, when a quest is repeated after a server reset.
-updated AQ/BQ/EQ systems with same support ( updated: dn_inc_quest_pw added: GiveLocalPartyUniqueOrCommonItem() )
-Millian's "Grilka note" is now considered a unique reward with a potion as a common reward
-Utredi's Ring is now considered a unique reward with a potion as a common reward
-The Captain's Regrets is now considered a unique reward with a potion as a common reward
-The Horse Whispers are now considered a unique reward with a potion as a common reward
-The Slurm PSP Reward Note is now considered a unique reward with a potion as a common reward
-added progress tracking messages inspired by the DNXQ system to the AQ/BQ/EQ systems
-updated the meta quest for extermination quests to generalize it a little better so that it also makes sense for exhaustion quests (DNXQ!)
-fancied up most of the artifact quest and boss quest journal entries with color tags.
-fixed a typo in the Ork BQ Journal entry (Orc => Ork)
-removed an unused/unneeded journal entry for the Rob Zombie BQ
-removed an unused/unneeded journal entry for the Mob Barley BQ
-fixed some other random typos and reworded some journal entries as I stumbled through them
-cleaned up some comments and inconsistencies (ones without reason) in the AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ system scripts
-reassigned the Kobold Mines quest tag from "q1" to DNXQ1"
-updated the Kobold Mines quest journal entry - it is now filed under Extermination Quests, and re-assigned to Mikas for quest giving purposes, rather than to Fandor; updated the XP reward to be not hard coded in script, but driven by journal set value
-redesigned the Kobold Mine Quest encounter blueprints to work with new DNXQ system and refreshed the encounter instances
-moved Fandor and his POST WP inside the Harborside mines so he spawns next to Mikas; adjusted their positions so Mikas should be seen first
-set DNXQ control variables on Mikas so that he can act as the Kobold Mine Quest Giver
-created a new NPC dwarf outside the Harborside Mines to direct PCs to Fandor and Mikas for Kobold Quests
-Kobold Thugs in the Mines no longer quest items when killed; their Head item is marked for deletion
-largely re-wrote and re-structure Fandor and Mikas's dialogs
-added ZIP points near boss spawns in Kobold Snuggery and Spelunca caves
-updated Weary Trav dialog to list the aforementioned ZIP points
-added a placeholder journal entry for a future DNXQ quest development idea

Posted by: arQon Feb 12 2018, 02:47 PM and - LIVE


more bits and pieces of fog work

removed references to the Simple crafter's apron and ats no-drop journals in the ats mastercrafter inventories (figured if i didn't upload this now i'd forget about it)

(NOTE: the initial upload of this broke pretty much everything time-related. it's been updated with the fix, but if you downloaded it already please get the new version from the server)

Posted by: arQon Feb 18 2018, 10:05 AM - LIVE

redrew the giedi monastery encounters so the npcs respawn when players return from the pantheon

since bw reuses the OnAttacked script for OnDamaged as well, sable would respond to spell damage (including ele shields) by HIPSing when there was no benefit to doing so (well, aside from it making her untargetable for the NEXT spell, which IS pretty beneficial, but she's not your typical "OH NOES, Mez/Necro i fall over and die!" rogue, so...). tweaked things so she only HIPSes in response to physical attacks.

keys would not be autolooted if "autoloot other items" was off. (and nor would relics). since both of those are things that certainly SHOULD be looted, anything that falls into the category and has the Plot flag set will now be autolooted regardless of the "other items" setting. (unless autoloot is disabled completely).

henchmen with powered-up Set Items can be now be dismissed or leveled up without needing to unequip those items first.

mod's all yours dave

Posted by: dave Feb 19 2018, 07:10 AM
areag.ini updated to support 035 patch features
-DN now requires the 035 TLK, 035 TLK hak, and the swamp_v4 hak [NEW!]
-added new Broken Nexus portal placeable model to MCDark and to the Nexus Dust Plume
-updated sound design in several Sewer Tileset areas
*Pits of Hathsin had no placed sound objects
*Paradan Sewers had some inconsistencies I noted the other night
-fixed a 3 of 2 typo in the kobold boss quest journal entry
-Giedi and Babaeyl Armories will now buy belts
-swapped out Wail of the Banshee (spell) for Wail of the Banshee (monster ability) on Augu Banshee
-updated quest progress messaging for AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ systems (untested)
*inactive quests should no longer report progress if you, for example, kill a boss without first accepting the Quest
-deployed a Magic Fish to the Fox and Hound
-updated various deity books with new appearances (added in 035) and added them to the temple stores (10 years late, heh)
-players ought to be able to cycle through all available robe appearances now via the craft feat menu; for now, this is not yet fully functional, but it's getting there

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Feb 19 2018, 04:37 PM - LIVE
-improved robe crafting working through x0_skill_ctrap
*you can change robes without aborting & duping now. BW Dupe bugs still exist though.

Posted by: dave Feb 21 2018, 06:41 AM


0) open module in toolset
1) unzip into temp0
2) overwrite both files
3) recompile all scripts


* Locally: Fixes dupe bug when cancelling crafting robes etc through the BW radial menu, adds debug info, misc cleanup. I am curious if maybe our frankenmerge of BW+mil Tailor ideas once we extended the available robes caused half the issues here, but I see references to attempts to fix this bug elsewhere (Shadooow's NWN Community Patch 1.72 marks dupes with a variable, plots &/or curses them, and then cleans them up on next login)

If this looks good on the server as well, then I'll look at enabling robe/armor appearance crafting for set items, deity items, etc.

None of this helps with cloak crafting, but we've submitted a bug to the nwnee team, in hopes of a fix from them someday.


Posted by: arQon Feb 22 2018, 05:27 AM - LIVE


resolves the issues with henchmen and set items. hopefully this is the end of this particular nightmare...

the Turing Device will now accept mixtures of Greater Cloaks and Set Items

Posted by: dave Feb 25 2018, 08:44 AM

1) Unzip into temp0
2) Recompile module scripts

-updated DNEQ reward handler routine to re-order player messaging
-added décor in the Grue House of Lords throne room
-updated static gong blueprint
-update scrolls for Wall of Dispel to be useable by Bards
-updated mil's tailor convo for readability (colorization) slightly in the main menu
-updated lost scarab item inv icon to differentiate it (by color) from aytay charms (and darkling charms)
-minor grammar update to Ro Laren's dialog
-updated soundscapes in The Deep areas
-added décor to the Tannim Tunnels
-fixed an issue in the "low int" convo branch for Captain Kirk wherein a PC could not travel to the Tannim Badlands
-did some design maintenance on GG encounters & instances, and bumped up 1 subset of the L1 encounter spawn difficulties slightly
-updated /w pots whisper chat behavior to list juv and heal pots separately, rather than totaled [dn_inc_item]
-updated some punctuation on a login message [dn_mod_clenter]
-updated Feywild Maze Twig Blight monster builds slightly

1) Unzip into temp0
2) Recompile module scripts

-updated BW /feat menu craft skill to allow crafting of set & deity items, matching behavior of mil's tailor
-updated Glittering Remains to use a new for 035 placeable model asset
-created several new loot bag placeable variants based on new for 035 assets
-updated lootbag selection behavior [dn_inc_lootbag]
*variables set by the builder on creature blueprints now take priority over 2da (can fix Azers to Ashes more easily, etc)
*Racial/Subrace processing still occurs at lowest priority after toolset variable & 2da
-In Quivira, daos, djinni, efreeti, and marids now drop manually placed heal kits
-In Quivira, elemental lords and barons now drop manually placed heal kits
-In Quivira, elemental hulks (not hulklings) now drop manually placed heal kits
-added lootbag appearance control variables on elemental hulks
-added descriptions to some Quiviran mobs (mentioned above) that had none
-updated MC incandesent gords to use a slightly smaller VFX model added in 035 [dn_inc_vfx, mfx_include]
-added ZIP_mtgiedi waypoint; added a reference to this in the Weary Trav dialog

Posted by: arQon Feb 26 2018, 06:23 PM
dave - if you've got a copy of the mod with those patches in it, just go ahead and install it. i've been struggling the last few days and don't have any changes since my last update.

Posted by: dave Feb 26 2018, 10:09 PM
OK, I'll plan to make a mod rev tonight. I've noticed some odd lootbag behavior already, but nothing fatal - just weird selection of lootbag models (puddles for Aphotic Armor?), and I won't get to fix that before an upload, but I will submit what I have before we play.


Posted by: dave Feb 27 2018, 02:51 AM
-updated mummy templates throughout the module to use new "Dust" corpse model (new for 035)
-"Blood to Dust" will set a variable on slain targets to have them leave a pile of dust rather than Blood. This probably won't work on players and may look funny on some targets, but should mostly be nice flavor. [untested!]

-rebuilt scripts

Note: the lootbag system is a bit unstable right now; bug reports are welcome, but it is getting work this week.

Posted by: dave Feb 28 2018, 04:21 PM
-Mass Resurrection now craftable [des_crft_spells.2da]
-Mass Resurrection now scribeable [des_crft_scroll.2da]
-updates to lootbag code, related placeables, and a couple monster settings (hulks)
-refined some autochat behavior with respect to triggering on min/max counts of chat tokens
-fixed an issue with CountItemsInInventorybyResRef() wherein upper/lower case variation could break a resref matching operation
-fixed an issue with CountItemsInInventorybyResRef() wherein the script checked string equivalency without using TestStringAgainstPattern()
-made a new version of CountItemsInInventorybyResRef called CountItemUsesInInventorybyItemResRef() to help count Res available to the party
-Mass Resurrection scrolls now exist, and should be scribeable [new blueprint]
-added Mass Rez scrolls to the loot tables (Epic Scrolls)
-added a "/w gotrez" chat command - updated the help 2da as well to document it [override/dn1_chathelp.2da]
-started deploying some new 035 robes etc to a few npcs, but morcan happen later and these are easy to patch without holding up the mod dev in other areas

-rebuilt scripts

Note: some changes above do affect persistent storage scripts, and those aren't testable offline for me. I expect any behaior change to be an improvement, however.

Posted by: dave Mar 4 2018, 07:06 AM
-updated Grue Throne Room décor (Thx Kev for Nit Report!)
-updated Tannim Tunnel décor
-Grue Effigies now use Glittering Remains lootbags, rather than Rubble
-implemented EMS script for Manticore Spikes monster ability [this could be made to scale better]
-implemented EMS script for Shifter Manticore Spikes monster ability
-implemented EMS script for Twig Blight Spikes monster ability [this could be made to scale better]
-added ZIP_dharena wp to the Death Halls Arena test area
-the Paradan Zoo has moved and rebranded itself as the Paradan Nature Reserve Park; it is now located East of the Noble District, near the Port District Gates
*designer notes: the zookeeper's BQ should be easier to remember and access with less distance to walk to find/take/collect the quest
-made minor updates to the Zookeeper and her dialog
-redesigned the new expanded Zoo/Park
-deployed some new robe models from 035 haks

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: arQon Mar 5 2018, 01:01 AM - LIVE

dave: i've installed this in case i get a chance to test the ai fixes. feel free to overwrite it if you have something in progress: if so, the changes are also on the server as:

open module in toolset and unzip into temp0, overwriting any conflicts. rebuild all scripts.

expand ocypete's trigger in crystal floodplains so it's harder to accidentally bypass, and remove an adjacent spawn that tends to double. (dn_wis_crystalfp.*)

henchmen who are trying to heal someone will re-check that the target still needs healing each round. this fixes them getting locked up indefinitely if they can't reach the person they're trying to heal and that person heals themselves. (x0_inc_henai.nss)

tweaked sable's AI so that she only HIPSes against melee attacks. previously, AOEs like creeping doom could trigger it, effectively "disabling" her for alternate rounds when she could/should have just kept dishing out the Stabbity. smile.gif (nw_ch_ac5.nss)

adding an "uptime" whisper for builders to see how long the server's been running. note that this is based on the mod heartbeat, and as such will experience a LOT of drift, especially if the server is pegged, but it's still useful at times. (dn_mod_pcchat.nss)

fixed a bug in the loot code that was reading the area despawn delay from the chest, not the area. so it was always 0, and thus meant chests in weyrs etc didn't adopt the area respawn timer the way they should. (dn_inc_loot.nss)

add level 33 and 34 builds for the henchmen (dn_hen_*.utc)

fixed what is almost certainly the longest-lived bug ever...
talking to estax after completing his conversation would start it over again. this is because (1) the convo is checking for a var on estax instead of the pc; and (2) it never actually sets that var in the first place. (which is fortunate, or it would have broken the nexus trials for every other pc until the next reset!). removed all the broken var uses and changed the script to check for nexus ammy possession instead. (dn_t4_done.nss, dn_q6_starttrial.nss, dn_t4_abortc.nss)

changed estax back to being silver, since we have vex these days; and removed 20 sorc levels and a bunch of related garbagefeats. (dn_nexus_dragon.utc)

Posted by: dave Mar 5 2018, 03:17 PM

*based on Kev's overnight 03-04 patch!

-deleted some obsolete resources
-minor palette updates [henchmen is now a top level folder!]
-added a new NPC to the Preserve/Zoo in Paradan


Posted by: dave Mar 7 2018, 06:14 AM

dn1_chat.2da - added info for the update whisper command
dn1_keys.2da - slated to replace DN1_keys.2da next server update (renamed so filename is all lowercase - no other changes)

Directions to builders

1) update your dn1_chathelp.2da from the server override dir
2) Rename your local override DN1_keys.2da to dn1_keys.2da (most likely, your keys enable different local test mods at home than on the server, so DON't update from the server, just rename locally)


Posted by: dave Mar 7 2018, 02:34 PM
-updated the ATS Invisible Corpse placeable to instead use the pool of blood appearance
-fixed some convos in the Paradan Zoo, added a sign for it in the Noble District to help find it
-fixed an issue with the "gotrez" whisper chat reporting pots instead of rez assets for henchmen [dn_inc_item]
-changed references to "DN1_keys.2da" to "dn1_keys.2da" - all lowercase [dn_mod_pcchat][dn_a_join][dn_mod_onrest]
-updated timing of Sewer Note reward item from Moric [dn_par_taketails]
-added some loot in the Paradan Sewers
-made some non-hostile zoo animal replacement creature templates and deployed them
-minor refactoring of some nexus code

-rebuilt scripts

DESIGNERS: Make sure your override is updated locally! (see previous patch note)

Posted by: dave Mar 10 2018, 07:58 AM
-updated Comments on a Special/Test NPC
-updated Burning Horror lootbag spec (Earth->Fire)
-added lootbag spec to the Simpson Family (Fire)
-fixed a typo in tailor_clothes convo (thier->their)
-Giedi Valley ZIP points are now documented in the zipomatic convo


Posted by: dave Mar 12 2018, 11:00 PM
-hacked up an experimental bag widget and added it to the dm chest. Its supposed to let you change bag appearances for empty containers, but is still n testing
-hacked up Captain Kirk's convo some more to try and better sync up the smart and stupid convo branches. Ug. Half the links in the "Stormy and somewhere different" stuff and "Janice Rand" stuff was missing from the stupid branch.
-added uptime reporting to the mod .log file time stamp reporting

-installed, but not rebuilt

Posted by: dave Mar 15 2018, 06:13 AM
-Updated the BW Brooch of Shielding blueprint to use a custom DN appearance which is more easily distinguishable in inventory from the ATS jewelry crafting tools. It should also be distinguishable from the Brooch of Defense (different shades of green)
-Abigail now sells both Brooches of Defense in Mag Tuireadh
-tweaked "gotrez" chat command formatting for legibility, then updated the behavior to filter out listing of resources the character does NOT have
-tweaked uptime formatting to pad minutes/seconds with a leading "0" when less than 10
-added a "healer" chat command that works like the shopper command, except it reports party heal skills rather than appraise
-updated sGetGenderPronoun() to return his/her rather than him/her - which is correct for the only places it is used for now
-"tnl" chat command now always reports henchmen's level to help spot under-levelled henchmen
-fixed an issue where the tnl code used the player's level rather than the henchmen's level in reporting
-"who" chat command will now color code henchie level differently if their level is less than their master's level
-converted Sharlie Cheen's Tiger Blood collecting NPC into an EQ:
*retired two old supporting obsolete scripts
*added a DNEQ6 journal entry to support this
*Tiger Blood is now marked as the quest item; older Tiger Bloods should work with the quest if first updated in the AFK Item Updater
*updated the DM Chest of Test resources to remove stuff used recently to develop some AQ/EQ/XQ quests, including Tiger Blood added for Sharlie Cheen testing
*Weary Trav now lists the already existing "sheen" zip point for testing
-EQ progress reports in the in game messaging now tell you explicitly which item they are reporting on (eg Tiger Blood, etc)
-updated the Nexus Wand to try to add an option to Create an Ammy for PCs not already in possession of one. Amusingly, the complimentary options is already available. Touched some code in dn_inc_nexus and related bits.
-nuked the testing Nexus Ammy on the floor at my house, since the Wand's upgraded functionality should make it obsolete

-rebuilt scripts

-updated dn1_chathelp.2da to document the new "healer" chat command

Posted by: arQon Mar 15 2018, 09:21 AM - uploaded, NOT installed

repairs damaged HAK state (duplicated source files)

adds immunity checks for pris spray Insanity and Paralysis rolls (just cosmetic, since the effects would be blocked anyway). the custom DN pris variants (wall, ray) aren't updated (yet).

Posted by: dave Mar 22 2018, 04:59 AM
-nuked an obsolete asset related to the old setup for the NS Miller quest
-introduced on a new DNXQ in Paradan, near Moric
-Ziggi's BQ is now available to anyone with Fort Achaea Nexus access. The quest giver remains in Bifrost.
-reworked an encounter spawn at the beginning of the Cave of Teeth - Level 2
-updated min spawn size for 3 types of generic encounters in Quivira Docks, Bazaar, and Causeway
-updated various BQ givers to explicitly specify the number of bosses needed to compete their quest, rather than relying on an assumption that quests with no value specified need exactly 1 boss (updated: Carshallin, Granpappy, Gloria, Gord, Pers, Felling, Toman, Sillithian, Vichanu, The Deputy )
-updated various BQ bosses to explicitly specify their boss number, rather than relying on an assumption that bosses with no specified value are boss number 1 in a quest with only 1 boss (updated: Cragnaw, Chief Mak'rag, Formian Queen, Fasolt, Zizz'ark, Mob Barley, The Oracle, Paximus Prime, Toadtongue, Darkling Champ, Lord K, Ziggi)
-updated code for AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ code to remove some assumptions about min quest requirements == 1 when a value is not explicitly set
-updated code for AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ code to give more debug feedback in game when an expected quest variable is not explicitly set
*we have many quests we can retest at our leisure - I've focused on just a few during initial offline testing. ohmy.gif
-updated the Zipomatic list of zip points
-fixed a broken color tag in the Wild Crossing area

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Mar 24 2018, 03:36 AM
-refactored some nexus code to nuke references to DN_GetHasIllegalGearforNexusUsage(), which has returned a hardcoded FALSE result for some time now and wasn't deployed consistently anyway any more
-refactored the AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ Is Quest Available? Starting conditional scripts into a single shared function and nuked a senseless related circular include issue that was being teased in there for no good reason
-refactored the AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ Is Quest In Progress? Starting conditional scripts; fixed an issue wherein Exhaustion quests unintentionally inherited some slightly different behavior from Extermination quest setup
-refactored the AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ Is Quest Reward Waiting Starting conditional scripts
-refactored the AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ Is Quest Complete Starting conditional scripts
-refactored the quest progress messaging to use the above (newly refactored!) functions where appropriate

-rebuilt scripts

[Tested only 1 of each of AQ/BQ/EQ/XQ systems, but early runs looked good]

Posted by: dave Mar 26 2018, 02:58 AM
-Bull's Pots now have caster level 10 (rather than 3)
-Cat's Pots now have caster level 10 (rather than 3)
-Eagle's Pots now have caster level 10 (rather than 3)
-Endurance Pots now have caster level 10 (rather than 3)
-Fox's Pots now have caster level 10 (rather than 3)
-Owl's Pots now have caster level 10 (rather than 3)

-Potions of Speed now have caster level 10 (rather than 5)

Instructions: unzip into temp0 and overwrite all


Posted by: arQon Mar 26 2018, 05:47 PM - LIVE. also installed

NOTE: while testing with the FOWC barrels, i got a "failed to create resref: it_mpotion005" error on multiple occasions. 80-ish attempts have created multiple instances of every potion EXCEPT Speed, so i suspect there's a resref mismatch. i've made what i think is the required change to it ("mv nw_it_mpotion004.UTI nw_it_mpotion005.UTI" and correct the tag to match) but let me know if that's wrong.
edit> ok, apparently it is: it does spawn haste pots now, but they're still CL5. (stat pots are indeed all level 10). so i nuked 005, reimported the patch, and leto'd the resref from "it_mpotion004" to "nw_it_mpotion004".
edit> jep, looks like that did it.

fixed bugs in several Prismatic Wall effects that were using the wrong DC

fixed a typo in Tannim Frontier flavor text

fixed Air Elemental pulse attack having two saves (the first one had no effects associated with it)

changed the Weary Leveller to use DN_GetTrueLevel rather than GetHitDice so it has the correct behavior when adding multiple levels at once

tara and delin will use KD against opponents up to one size larger than them (was only creatures their size or smaller)

tara and delin will use Ki Damage against Champs and Bosses

added stat and haste pots to TB4 Misc (rather than TB4 Potions, which contains Rejuv pots only)

added stat and haste pots to TB5 Misc

Posted by: dave Apr 16 2018, 06:02 AM
-resized a couple "At Sea" ship areas to make the edge tiles less jarring/harder to see
-made a minor tweak in dn_inc_quest_pw\GetNextLocalPartyMember()
-Ro Laren should now spawn with a quest marker vfx visible, but I don't see it showing up in game yet
-Ro Laren should now offer to buy ww pelts even if your hench is lugging them all around for you
-Mawg Ngaw Barrows despawn timer increased from 5min to 2 hours to preserve Toadtongue's unstable rift longer for chars who choose to explore L2
-updated some encounter designs in Northern Foothills in an attempt to reduce backspawn
-fixed a bugged StarSeed OnActivated message that referred to OBJECT_SELF instead of GetItemActivated()
-tweaked a door setup in Starfall
-updated dn_s0_summon (Summon Monster 1-9 spellscript) to support custom variable driven summon resref selection
*deployed this feature so that Okukuks now summon Bulettes in place of Dire Tigers
-added unused/forward compatibility nwscript for NWNX:ee [nwnx.nss, nqnx_sql.nss, some edits in aps_include)
-removed: aps_include_old.nss
-removed: demo*.nss/ncs - old nwnx demo dm scripts to drop (delete) persistent tables and recreate them
-updated some door name and map notes in the Feydark
-Cranium Rat Tails are now different from other Rat Tails (Moric won't credit them)
-Updated Feydark Crystal Ooze factions
-Unwaking Waters now has a loadscreen explicitly set; allowing random selection can result in bad/white loadscreen for this tileset
-tweaked the Ysbryda builds slightly to increase Death Gaze DC marginally
-Updated descriptions of the Formless
-Tweaked layout and some spawns in the Leviathan Pits
-Tweaked builds for the Feydark Cancrocaeca (crabs)

-rebuilt scripts

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