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Posted by: dave Jan 2 2018, 06:38 AM
-moved dn_w_fog* scripts, etc into the module and out of the hak [many were duped]
-dn_deity.2da moved into the server hak from the override dir
-moved all code from dn_inc_spell_fog into dn_inc_fog and nuked dn_inc_spell_fog. I saw no compelling reason to have both files kicking around
-refactored a bunch of stuff in dn_inc_fog, as well as in some scripts that call these functions, including fixing a number of broken/missing/incorrect magic numbers
-updated the dn_area* and dn_inc_area scripts (related to above)
-defined a new area-event (dn_inc_event) related to fog
-implemented a new area-event for the new fey dungeons (dn_area_*, dn_inc_area)
-updated and improved dn_inc_fog/DN_GetIsAreaAlwaysDay()
-DN_SaveInitialFogSettingsForArea() is now called once in dn_area_enter, instead of in every other custom fog handling function
* This was a consequence of writing something to stick on the vault and not wanting to deal with helping people update their module scripts, back in the day. Cleanup was long overdue.
-re-wrote the Fog Debug setting reporting function (WIP)
-Gust of Wind and Air Ellie Whirlwind Pulse now reduce fogginess in the area on casting (implemented in spellhook)
-started puttering around with implementing a "dn debug" chat command to set up a debug hook for dn scripts analagous to the "ems debug" hook for builders [dn1_chathelp.2da updated]

-rebuilt scripts


Posted by: dave Jan 15 2018, 06:45 AM
-refactored some bits in dn_inc_debug
-added some robe related resources, including a test merchant in my house with samples of all the robe appearances
-updated the x0_skill_ctrap dialog robe handler to reuse the tailoring model system for cycling through previous//next/specific appearances values
* This opens up all available robes to all players. Note that some models are not available for some races, sexes, or phenotypes.
* The previous dialog tried to filter out models that don't exist; selecting a valid appearance is now left to the player's discretion.
* The new system will not be fully functional until the release of the 035 update for Dreu Noctem (in progress)
* Updated custom store palette to add fodler for Test Assets
* Removed magic number mangler (+2 offset) from x2_inc_itemprop.nss/IPCreateAndModifyArmorRobe() and added debug msg


* Open module in TS
* Delete dn_im_* from the temp0 directory [obsolete filter scripts and robes changer scripts tied to specific values/lines in parts_robes.2da]
* Import ERF and overwrite all assets
* Rebuild all scripts


Posted by: arQon Jan 16 2018, 02:33 AM
2018-01-15-kev-mod. zip - LIVE

imported dave_180114.erf

the pillars of light in the pantheon now have descriptions

the saves bonuses for deity blessings are now +3 rather than +2

"orphaned" henchman (caused when a PC disconnects with them still hired) will move to AFK after 5 mins, and wait there for 2 hours so players can recover any items they may have given them.

removed Who Rods from kranle ironmonger, afk bathing suit mechanic (which is also the nymph's delight fairy in magt), and the magt armory (tedia). (afaict, those were the last 3 shops in the world that still carried it).

Posted by: dave Jan 22 2018, 07:36 AM
-fixed creature drops for Deep Slugs
-manually colorized The Breech placeable in Two Roads to emphasize that it has an area transition function
-updated dn_inc_appearance to support the 035 patch update
-updated dn_inc_robes and related assets for 035 patch (Euriga's Robepack #2)
-updated scroll blueprints for Mass Regeneration scroll (L4 regen) and Greater as well (L4 regen)
-updated a door name in GV Towah of Divine Might
-updated Crossroads to Birnham forest transition slightly
-updated some MC monster blueprints lootbag assignments

Import/Overwrite all. No need to recompile scripts.


Posted by: arQon Jan 23 2018, 01:35 AM
dave_180121.erf has issues:

dn_inc_apperance.nss(800): Error: NSC1045: Variable "DN_APPEARANCE_TYPE_PREHISTORIC_TRICERATOPS" defined multiple times in the same scope (previous definition at dn_inc_apperance.nss(247))
dn_inc_apperance.nss(800): Error: NSC1046: Identifier "DN_APPEARANCE_TYPE_PREHISTORIC_TRICERATOPS" is already defined at dn_inc_apperance.nss(247)

let me know which of those values is correct, or fix and resubmit please.

Posted by: dave Jan 23 2018, 02:46 AM
Bah, Just add a "_2" to the second one. Sorry I missed that.


Posted by: arQon Jan 23 2018, 02:59 AM - LIVE

imported dave_180121.erf

Mother Lannalveffine in the temple of aytay actually had the temple of mithra convo attached to her.

Salty Bob was naked, because the Paladin armor he was supposed to be wearing was corrected to only-by-LG a while ago, and he's TN.

Captain Tractor's custom leather armor had an *extra* 10% ASF. i'm guessing it's supposed to be MINUS 10%. tongue.gif

none of the merchants in faeyn bought boots. riesl now does, and also sells boots of elvenkind.

fixed a typo on all the broken mineshafts on ogygia island.

added non-exc ada tower shields to grak.

tweak ACF to not message (or react to) combat drops if the PC is hidden (ie chose to broke off combat by HIPSing).

Malbec (Rakis Camp) has been given a Commoner level to try and stop her chasing formians halfway across the desert if they attack the camp.

AFK's two entry WPs have been consolidated into just the ZIP_afk WP. (Fiddler's Green etc were already using the ZIP WP: only the afk widget itself was still using the old WP).

"/w area" now includes the area's name (helpful when making notes in unfamiliar areas).

sorella's respawn timer on the rotarran has been cut down to 10s, since she has a tendency to be missing from it for quite some time even at 60s.

the runestone for the FOY quest should now autoloot.

(hopefully) fixed an issue with Plot Items and Relics not messaging when they were autolooted.

corrected the aytay towers keys to be Plot Items, so they should now autoloot and automessage properly.

the weary leveler (and, technically, all xp loss code, but only the egg can actually cause level loss) now clears the pc skin if a level is lost, to prevent the skin being unequipped and requiring a relogin to get it back.

the second attempted fix for star seeds spamming their onacquire message on re/join still didn't actually stop it reliably either, because of a bug (setting the flag on the module instead of the seed) which has now been fixed.

made yet another attempt to fix henchmen constantly ignoring "Follow Me" (VEE) after (literally!) 5 seconds. they can still be pulled into combat by AOOs, and will retaliate no matter what if hit along the way, but it's definitely progress at least.

epic bracers will now activate for henchmen. \o/

epic SETS will now activate for henchmen. biggrin.gif
note: "Powered-Up" Set Items must be unequipped from the henchman before you can remove them.
note: you may have problems removing Set Items from henchmen because of engine bugs. closing and reopening the henchman's inventory will fix that.
NOTE: DO NOT DISMISS *OR LEVEL UP* HENCHMEN WITH POWERED-UP SET ITEMS, or they will be LOST FOREVER! i'll address this eventually, but it's tricky and i'm wiped out right now.

man, that was a LOT of work... smile.gif

deleted the "craftersapron" script which has been a no-op since the ATS Tools Feat and Apron were added.

deleted the "craftersapronsimple" item, which is unneeded and unwanted since the ATS Tools Feat and Apron were added.
(note: the ats merchants still have a reference to it in their inventories, which are in the HAK. they also have a reference to the stupid no-drop ats trade journals, which were deleted months ago. i'm not going to rev the hak just for that, but we should do it next time we're in there).

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