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> TMI on BQ completion with full inventory
Posted: Sep 17 2016, 07:59 PM
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Bug Reported By: Me

Date and Time [Within +/- 2 hours, please include your timezone] : 2:45ish PM CST

Witnesses, if any: Just me

Area(s) Bug Observed In: Where you pick up and return for 3 Little Pigs quest (forgot name lol)

What character were you playing: Mal Donnel

Please describe your observations: So doing more exploring and came to Soppi and picked up above quest. Since I have been all through caves bashing stuff wound up having full inventory that I didn't pay attention to. When I came for reward, got the TMI with constant 'item has been dropped', which btw nothing did drop I instead dropped Mithra book manually. Quest finished at that point when I clicked back to speak to Soppi but item dropping kept going through transition to NS as well as AFK. Logged out and when I came in, ok.

Why do you think it's a bug: Most games I have noticed have the 'I have the item which stacked but I still need empty space to put it in before it adds to the stack' thing. I assume that was the problem with full inventory, so maybe not necessarily a bug but if it happens again might get same TMI problem?

Steps needed to reproduce the bug (what were you doing at the time of the bug, and in the time before noticing the bug): Kill stuff, get full inventory, forget you have full inventory turn in quest for reward, bingo.

Links to screenshots: Ahh drats, I got screenie. Dave, I'll just send you message on FB? Sorry nothing to upload it to. EDIT: Or not.. stupid FB...

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Posted: Sep 18 2016, 02:51 AM
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shad but true

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Most boss quests try to reward you with an item, typically a rejuvenation potion (healing) of some sort. IT sounds like you're getting TMIs with a full inventory when the game tries to reward you. I'll take a look at the reward loop and see if there's anything we can do.

Thank you for the report, KAthy!


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