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> 2018 Design Update Log
Posted: Feb 20 2018, 08:34 PM
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henchmen with powered-up Set Items may still experience issues if leveled up with those items equipped, sorry.
they won't be lost, but they may end up with stacked properties, which in turn may make the henchman unable to equip them because of excessive Item Level Requirements. they can be reset via the Item Updater in AFK, but it's best to just unequip them before leveling the henchman. i'll upload a fix tonight or tomorrow.

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Posted: Feb 21 2018, 06:41 AM
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shad but true

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0) open module in toolset
1) unzip into temp0
2) overwrite both files
3) recompile all scripts


* Locally: Fixes dupe bug when cancelling crafting robes etc through the BW radial menu, adds debug info, misc cleanup. I am curious if maybe our frankenmerge of BW+mil Tailor ideas once we extended the available robes caused half the issues here, but I see references to attempts to fix this bug elsewhere (Shadooow's NWN Community Patch 1.72 marks dupes with a variable, plots &/or curses them, and then cleans them up on next login)

If this looks good on the server as well, then I'll look at enabling robe/armor appearance crafting for set items, deity items, etc.

None of this helps with cloak crafting, but we've submitted a bug to the nwnee team here, in hopes of a fix from them someday.


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