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> Dreu Noctem Beginners Walkthrough, For 'New to DN' Players (SPOILER WARNING!)
Posted: Dec 17 2004, 02:01 AM
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This guide is intended as a quick instruction for the new to Dreu Noctem player. It will guide you on the first few levels of play, so your "baby" levels are fairly painless. Of course, you may loose some of the "exploration fun" by reading this, but that is your perogative. Any feedback is welcome, but post it here.

First printout the map from the forums, it's a great tool for getting around in your first few levels. Please talk to the NPC's. There is a wealth of information about the world and the history that can be found by just chatting with the NPC's. Taverns tend to have very informative NPC's, check them out! They often give advice on where to hunt, get work etc. Each town/city has one.

Second, some classes have an easier time starting than others. If you are planning on trying a Rogue or Bard, you may consider bringing a friend along to party with. Typically the fighting or Divine classes have an easier time of starting on DN.

There is first the non-spoiler style guide, followed by the more detailed walkthrough.


First thing, head into North Shore and explore around. Talk to the NPC's, they will offer ideas on where to proceed. There are several quests right in North Shore, but you will quickly find yourself heading north. Get a level or two before attempting the quest the Pardan Guard ouside the north gate gives.

Visit the shops & taverns in North Shore and Pardan for supplies in your first five levels.

There are Undead, Kobolds and Orcs to keep you busy around North Shore. Around your 4th-5th level head to Pardan and explore there. Consider travelling to the Hobgoblins in Mithras forest, and visit Satin Road/Crossroads area for player vendors and other highlights.

Around 6th/7th level investigate the Sewers in Pardan and the Ogres in the Cybel region.

WARNING - SPOILER GUIDE - This guide contains spoilers on several DN quests, read at own risk.

After you enter North Shore, travel to the north-east corner to a farmers house. He's having troubles with a pesky goblin named Krunch. This encounter can be resolved without a fight, and gives you a quick boost in cash resources and XP.

Buy supplies at the Armory in the east side of North Shore. While the weaponsmith's selection is limited to basic supplies, that is what you need. You may consider taking a boat ride from the south-west corner of North Shore to Pardan, where you can visit the shops for a better variety. This is strongly advised for the arcane spellcasters who may wish to better their spellbooks & supplies. (New spells for Wizards and Sorcerer rings for Sorcerers)

After getting supplies talk to the Dwarven guard beside the cave. There's some troubles in the North Shore Mine, you will fight Kobolds and eventually de-head their leader... Literally.

In the north-west corner of North Shore is a man who's basement has been infested. Clear out some beetles for him, return for reward.

By now you should either be Level 2 or very close. Go into the Graveyard and fight Zombies until you ding. From here, you can run Zombies for a level or try your hand in the Crypt. Tough Level 2 characters or parties of 2 or more can probably handle the crypt, but if you are alone your best bet is to hit Zombies till 3. The crypt main boss can be defeated through non-fighting means. If you decide to fight him, be prepared for a nasty/unfair fight. Look around the crypt for clues on how to solve the boss's conversation. For Undead encounters consider visiting the Healer in the Southeast portion of North Shore, she sells some stuff that may come in handy.

By the time you are done the Crypt and the quest you will probably be 4th level or very close. Get to 4th level and head north east from the Graveyard into the Kobold Forest. You can run through Kobold Forest and the attached caves anywhere from 4th level to 6th level.

So in or around the 5-6th level region, you should consider traveling to Pardan. This can be accomplished by taking the south-east road out of North Shore and following the road South through the Mithras forest areas. It can also be reached by taking a boat trip from the docks in the south-western part of North Shore, just talk to the billboard.

Explore Pardan a bit, there are several shops including a Magic Shop that contains up to 2nd level scrolls and an Armorer shop that sells weapons and armor. There is a quest in the north-west corner involving Wearrats that can carry you to Level 7 or 8. Check into the wizard that sits beside a glowing portal, and take the Nexus quest. This will allow travel to a city named Faeyn, and easy access to Crossroads to the north of there. A warning - The Nexus quest involves a test of your principles (Alignment) and can effect your current alignment if you deviate too far.

In Crossroads you can sell your body parts you've been accumulating for good cash to put towards gear. Check out the Crossroads Trading Post for player made gear at good prices.

From here consider running Wearrats in the Sewers of Pardan, there is a quest regarding their extermination as well. In or around 7-8th level check out the Ogres in the Cybel region.


With this information you'll get a taste of Dreu Noctem. I've chosen to leave the guide off at the 6th level plateau. By this time you have enough levels under you to explore and stretch your legs. Your not a baby anymore!

Talk to the other players online, get to know them as they will often have insight into the world around, and are often willing to party up, give advice or just plain be social. Part of DN's allure is the community of players.

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