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Posted by: dave May 17 2004, 05:28 PM
Please submit all bug reports by replying to this thread. Please fill out the form below to help us save time tracking down bugs.

You can reply to active bug reports in this forum, but you are not able to start new threads. Moderators will split reports out of this bug sbumission thread as appropriate. Once a bug report has been resolved or otherwise addressed conclusively, the relevant thread(s) will be locked.

If a bug resurfaces after closure, a new thread should be opened. You don't have to be a DM or a builder to report something closed - if you reported something as a player, feel free to post to its thread to request closure.

Feel free to Bump issues still needing attention with a status update any time you are curious if your reports have received attention.

Note: sensitive bugs regarding exploits and such can be reported directly via Private Message to a Dungeon Master, Module Designer, or Design Lead with this same form. Some such reports may be moved to private builder forums as well.



Bug Reported By:

Date and Time [Within +/- 2 hours, please include your timezone] :

Witnesses, if any:

Area(s) Bug Observed In:

What character were you playing:

Please describe your observations:

Why do you think it's a bug:

Steps needed to reproduce the bug (what were you doing at the time of the bug, and in the time before noticing the bug):

Links to screenshots:

Questions related to the bug for the build team:

Other player comments:

This section is for Admin use only. Do not fill this section in.

Search keywords:

Bug Status:

Posted by: dave Apr 23 2018, 06:30 PM
Bumped in prep for forum migration.


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