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> Policy Update: NPCs
Posted: Jun 3 2007, 12:17 AM
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When you first log into Dreu Noctem, your journal will be updated with 3 (completed) entries, 2 of which will hopefully make it clear what is and is not acceptable behavior here.

DN is not an "RP required" world. How you play your characters is your choice, unless you do so in such a way that you negatively impact other players. The obvious example of this is non-consensual PvP, but in a Persistant World there are other things that can "foul the well" without you even really being aware of it, and we've just come across one:

Several NPCs are fairly high level, and as NPCs they're not Hostile to players, which makes them easy targets. Many of them are however quest-related, or informational, or vendors of unique items etc. Although everything in the world respawns after a certain amount of time, if you kill one of these characters you are potentially interfering with other players: especially so if you are in a party where you may you affect the reactions of guards etc to those players as well.

We could "Plot" all those NPCs, but doing so is a nontrivial drain on both builder time and, for various technical reasons, server performance; and it's not something we should have to do.

Effective immediately, NPCs are off limits, regardless of how "Evil" you think your character is or whether they insulted your noble Paladin, etc.

There are thousands of monsters in the world for you to kill: it's what they're there for. Getting "cheap" XP from passive NPCs will no longer be tolerated. Please be courteous enough to save us having to take further steps on this issue.


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Posted: Apr 23 2018, 04:29 AM
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shad but true

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Unpinned. NPCs are generally low level now and have flags to help ensure they yield no XP for cheap kills.

If you do kill an NPC and earn XP for it, please report it as a bug. smile.gif


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