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Posted by: dave Jan 22 2017, 10:04 PM
-updated polymorph.2da to reference new small frog model
-added scribing etc support for the new spell added by this patch
-recompiled scripts
-updated the mod to use HAK and TLK v032
-rebuilt the ems_u_cachespell EMS PreCache script

-added spell script and scroll for our 1 new spell this patch
-added the new spell scroll to loot tables as well as to a couple magic shops
-updates to dn_inc_vfx, dn_inc_appearance, dn_inc_spl_const, dn_inc_polymorph
-replaced Giant Frog with Small frog in the function that chooses a random effect for baleful polymorph spells
-deployed some new loadscreens from the 031 patch
-updated some deity temple light placeables' appearances to use new 032 models
-made a few custom palette updates with new TLK entries [itempal, placeablepal]
-simplified our scriptset include trees based on analysis by doxygen
-updated the item templates for all of our Relics to replace generic "Unique" powers with "Relic" powers (some effects TBD)
-cloned the EMS True Seeing and See Invis scripts to implement a couple of our new powers, precast checks commented out
-created a new Relic, per in game convo with Kev last Monday, and deployed it in the planned loot location
-set EMS_CASTER_LEVEL on a couple of the Relics (SI/TS ones) - probably will just make effects Supernatural on these, as they have dedicated scripts [dn_s3_*]
-worked on scripting etc for the various relics - some behavior is flavory placeholders for now
-deployed some of our custom TLK entries to colorize in game StrRef messages - incomplete WIP

*Imported some stuff I tinkered with over the Christmas holidays:
-update dn_inc_custoken from erf directory, make some supporting updates elsewhere
-worked on Feywild (wolfheart and boars tusk)
-worked on Feywild (starfallen lands)
-worked on Feywild (glade of innocents warzone)
-worked on Feywild (2 roads diverged)
-worked on North Shore (Abandoned Cellar)
-fixed the pot of gold appearance (utp update)
-updated four boss monsters (fire giant, werewolf druid, mushroom king, The Oracle) to add a custom item drop into their inventories to grant deeper feywild access
-updated tilemagic to support a new scene [ott_tile_magic.nss]
-added a portrait to the mirror in the house of shadows

-the AFK Gypsy now reuses the standard gypsy fastbuy script but uses a variable set on the NPC to adjust her price (then: nuked the obsolete script)
-increased the size of Grue Scarabs slightly
-Tar Hulks now has the SLA to cast Grease [CL 15]
-updated ambient sounds in Wisteria areas
-fixed an X Marks the (obsolete) spot placeable in Quivira Lower City
-added a Shrine of Recall to Quivira - Plaza of the Gods
-colorized Death Hall area names
-added some loot in a coupe places, per screenshot notes
-Wirt's Leg is now always identified

-recompiled scripts


Posted by: dave Jan 29 2017, 07:32 AM
-updated Firebrand script to match 032 TLK adjustment (10d6 max dmg --> 15d6 max)
-updated IGMS script to match 032 TLK adjustment (20d4+20 max dmg --> 15d4+15 max)
-updated Acid Arrow Barrage spellscript VFX handling (new spell from 032)
-updated dn_inc_vfx to remove support for some obsolete NWNPRC vfx by Soupaman
-refreshed ems_u_cachespell script (PreCache)
-updated a placeable name and description in MC Light
-added a few placeables around Eldatha's temples and shrine [new 032 stuff]
-adjusted spawn triggers for several npc merchants in Babaeyl Aeylworks
-tweaked doorscript support for integrated flavor scripts
-created Heal potion stacks
-added Heal Potions (& Stacks) to shops in Babaeyl, per screenie plan
-deployed some new 032 placeables in Ogygia and a couple other spots
-updated weary trav convo
-added some flavor text and a loot instance to Kokytus in the Lady's house
-fixed a tilemagic placement issue in Tannim Frontier
-started working on adding support for jivany's flavor text system with some of our placeable script sets
-added more scrolls to the Giedi & Bab magic shops [school of illusion, custom DN stuff]
-zipping to afk should save your afk return point now [did quick and dirty, refactoring is possible - untested offline]
-journal colorization update for general quests
-minor tweak to bab nexus guard convo
-updated a Wisteria Bay encounter in Driftwood Cays to try and address a backspawn issue near the area exit
-rerouted Codex and Captain's Regrets to new tagbased scripts that follow our naming conventions
-Nospmis Mask and Symphony of Shadows now grant permanent, SU effects, (much like our perma-shield Brooch).
-refactored some loot messaging code that was partly shared between loot placeables scripts and rspi scripts, re: last loot system and related messaging
-added/updated some loot instances

-recompiled all scripts

Posted by: dave Jan 31 2017, 02:15 AM
-updated mfx scripting to support some new 032 vfx models, did some minor reorg of the code for readability
-updated some wisp blueprints to use the new mfx support

-recompiled all scripts


Posted by: dave Mar 13 2017, 05:16 AM
-fixed a typo in the description of the Dreamer's Casque
-removed unsupported Mount feats from some npcs & monsters
-added commoner levels to player pets
-reassigned creature & npc builds with Beast/Fiend/Netherspawn races to Animal, Magical Beast, Outsider, or Aberration, as appropriate
-nuked some creature instances, replaced one with an encounter where appropriate
-enabled the Feywild Glad of Innocents access
-renamed Fey Chess faction names to be legible (shorter) in the faction editor
-gypsy npcs are now more consistently in the Merchant faction with Commoner levels removed, and amrked with DN_IS_GYPSY
-tweaked some feywild monster builds
-renamed Wisp Essence to Stardust
-Wirt's Corpse no longer has a hard instance of his leg - this container uses RSPI scripts and the hard instance is redundant
-colorized Garp Merchant NPC names as they do not use the standard store system vars
-deleted unused doors from Amur sinkhole (they had bad placements, below floor level)
-did some design maintenance on some placeable blueprints and instances, some by hand some by moneo script [eyerocks done]
-assigned loadscreens to some areas that previously used random ones
-worked on fixing/removing/replacing some hard item instances [dm testing stuff untouched]
-did some system design maintenance on war party encounters and scripts
-added Litany Against Fear
-removed some unused/unsupported variables set on Giedi Ramparts
-fixed a typo in a variable name on Camp Duster
-made various despawn timers more consistent across the mod
-did some design maintenance on several deployed RSPI containers
*some in inaccessible locations were moved
*hard recipe book instances replaced with rspi script spawned instances [some recipe book hard instances had old/obsolete/unmaintained names]
-removed scripts and inventory item (obsolete version of src key) from SRC Desk which formerly distributed the key
-converted hard instances of DM/Builder README book libraries into a dynamically spawned new custom Loot Treasure Band (90) with 3 subclasses
*updated loot control area to support this
*updated dn_inc_loot.nss by adding a few constants as reminders of these new features
*replaced a few placeables in DM-only Readme library area
*removed the House of Whim Library sub-area, which is redundant with the prettier DM Readme Library area
-renamed the House of Whim areas and did some cleanup of unused old labs and resources
-minor updates to the custom item palette
-GP and XP cost of crafting now set to 0 for DMs (x2_inc_craft 3 separate routines, could be refactored)
*eases testing some stuff
-deleted a deprecated Feywild area [replacement is moe fully developed, if incomplete, and is accessible/live]
-removed hard instance of the magic globe from the first area of the trials (unnecessary, as the quest setup script spawns it if missing anyway - TESTED)
-ran a moneo script to fix an inconsistency in the dn loot scriptset deployed throughout the mod
-removed the static flag from the Orcish Brewers in Fort Savage [ie enabled them], did related maintenance
-ran moneo scripts to fix properties on static placeable to be consistent (plotted, scripts removed, vars removed, descriptions removed, comments removed)
*saves ~750kb module size
*blueprints comments are preserved - only placed instances in the module are updated for now (static and otherwise)
-ran moneo script to remove Comments from placed Waypoint instances
*saves ~1.1Mb module size
*blueprint comments are preserved - only placed WP instances are updated for now
-ran moneo script to remove comments from all door instances in the mod with the exception of a note from Duster in SRC
*saves ~25kb module size
*blueprint comments are preserved - only placed door instances are updated for now
-did some design maintenance in dn_inc_apperance.nss [032 support] for new wisp appearances, also affects dn_c2_i0_generic and dn_sr_custom
-the last loot messaging system should now always report RSPI loot; lastloot should also always report Plotted loot now
-did some design maintenance on war party warzones
-ran a moneo script to assign waypoint models (only visible in the toolset) based on names and tags to help visually identify their purposes for builders

-recompiled all scripts


Posted by: dave Mar 14 2017, 01:47 PM
-fixed an issue where I upped the wrong version of the mod for the last update
-added a proposed change to Mass Breech spell family from Kev for one of the spells
-updated npcs marked with DN_IS_SLEEPY_NPC so they are Commoners rather than Defenders now
-misc design maintenance on various Defender faction npcs around the mod

Posted by: dave Mar 23 2017, 03:40 PM
-worked on the new Feywild areas

-fixed an encounter instances based on the "examplenpccityenc" who were spawning the "Dwarven Mob" NPCs instead of their intended NPC in Paradan Noble District
-updated Fort Achaea barmaid ai to reuse BW NW_TAVERN wp instead of needing a custom one [update barmaid.nss]
-fixed some POST and Patrol path (WP_) waypoint tags that have fallen out of sync with their npcs over the years
-fixed some Defender faction NPCs who had feats for a different weapon than they had equipped
-did more misc design maintenance on some defenders and merchants
-nerfed some NPCS, some of whom were over CR150
-fixed some monsters & npcs with invalid tail and wing appearances
-fixed some npcs using the wrong ai scriptsets
-ran a script to standardize encounter tags for many npc spawns throughout the mod
-fixed some naked NPCs (there may be more, and I may have caused some of this with npc level nerfs)
-remasterd lots of npc blueprints, performing related maintenance

-rebuilt all scripts


Posted by: dave Mar 29 2017, 06:04 AM
-fixed an issue wherein Captain Nemo did not recognize newer Codices of Infinite Pathways (untested, lol)
-added "npcs" builder chat - as info, but for friendly encounters
*updated dn1_chathelp.2da
-performed design maintenance on various npcs [ongoing]
-fixed a number of npcs using the wrong ai scriptsets
-deployed a new horse appearance to Sable Island
-identified some orphaned NPCs and sorted them into a new palette folder
-redesigned Valkryes slightly, have also put thought into backstory for them
-marked Valkryes with DN_NO_XP and DN_NO_LOOT, considering same for all Defender faction
-made SS expedition unplotted
*may have to reconsider this later
-updated some DM resources to spawn dynamically using mfx
*Kev, this includes your craft supplies; poke me if you have any issues with it
-added a Sit placeable to the Shadow Throne
-fixed a Grue treasure instance that was spawning 5x intended loot in the Lady's House
-nuked some obsolete/unused resources


Posted by: dave Apr 3 2017, 01:28 PM
-finished cleanup on item instances
-more NPC maintenance
*example: restored Private Corrick and nerfed him down from CR107/61HD to something more appropriate for guarding library (lol)
-minor custom palette maintenance
-all Defender faction members are now marked with DN_NO_LOOT and DN_NO_XP (by moneo script)
*some npcs with higher CR, by design, are marked the same way
-Nuked some obsolete resources
-fixed a bug in dn_inc_player.nss\DN_GetPCPartySize() was off by +1
-reassigned all creatures with Netherspawn RacialTypes to either Elementals or Outsiders

Posted by: dave Apr 6 2017, 06:32 AM
-update to the Crafting Supplies DM stuff
-worked on Feywild stuff
-updated several Race and Subrace settings on various creatures
-deleted some unused resources
-added a Werewolf tester in the zip montest area to study Imp Crit Unarmed vs Creature Weapon
-updated dn1_songlist.2da and dn1_lyrics.2da


Posted by: dave Apr 10 2017, 06:05 AM
-worked on feywild stuff
-updated dn1_lyrics.2da/dn1_songlist.2da [override]
-ongoing npc/monster maintenance


Posted by: arQon May 8 2017, 06:52 AM and

buurag now sells heal pots

recolored the Mystical Fountain in MC Light to blue so it doesn't look like it's Trapped

babaeyl gypsy now spawns near its waypoint, which is also moved to near vezkz and the entrance

Symphony Of Shadows relic now grants Uberseeing, unlimited uses/day

Nospmis Mask relic bumped to 2 uses/day

"findzip" added to builder whispers: lists any zip points in the current area

mass greater spell breach updated to always be area, 4 protections, and -8 SR

Epic Bracers now have a meaningful description that hopefully encourages purchasing them. it's as good as all my other flavory stuff, so anyone who feels like rewriting it is welcome to. tongue.gif

the entrance to the grue caves now has some minor vfx outside it to act as a highlight, since it can be hard to notice

Defender Gagnishdak at the giedi monastery had lost Heavy Armor proficiency and was naked as a result

tyrantfog zombie mist now respects Poison Immunity

casting a spell on a sequencer that already has that spell will remove it from the sequencer

arcane casters with PM/EK levels are eligible for Innate Metamagic once their total Effective Caster Level is >= 21


all mod and hak scripts rebuilt, live

Posted by: arQon May 29 2017, 11:23 PM

imported feywild_170506.erf and rebuilt mod scripts

fixed a homophone in redhawk's convo

tweaked the position of the not-quite-reachable telescope in the obsidian grotto

created level 30+31 fire mephit familiars based on the pixie - OTHER LEVELS ARE MISSING
(as are a lot of the pixie levels, incidentally)

now live

Posted by: arQon Jun 12 2017, 09:58 AM and

correct the fire mephit claw+skin to use the fire mephit ones, not the pixie, oops

imported dave_170611.erf (feywild stuff)

fixed a bug with the NON-Mass version of PVS not being factored into saves properly
(rebuilt all mod and hak scripts)

updated montest with some maidenhead spawns (5 min respawn)


now live

Posted by: arQon Jun 17 2017, 02:48 PM

Polar Vortex was using the wrong save subtype

Halt Undead and Mass Halt Undead were missing a call to tell the AI a hostile spell had been used

Relic Powers will now be shared with Familiars and Animal Companions

imported dave170617.erf (feywild)

level cap raised to 32

now live

Posted by: arQon Jun 25 2017, 01:27 PM - now live

imported dave170624.erf (feywild)

barbarians gain Greater Rage at level 12 rather than 15 (feat description will update with the 033 HAK)

fixed some typos in the SR Caravan quest dialog

fixed a typo in Mount Notus flavor text

reworked the spawns in The Ogre's Belly

Posted by: dave Jun 29 2017, 05:29 AM
Submitted: dave_20170629.erf
-updated Fandor's convo ; L4+ chars can now do for forest kobold BQ without doing mines first, but as a consequence, the mines quest is not available to them
-updated the Silence scroll template [yabb]
-updated door names in the Towers of Divine Might and Power
-updated No Mans Land and Kobold Forest - transition should be fixed now
-marked Moe with DN_IS_GYPSY variable
-fixed inverted conversation logic paths for party/solo travel in Vichnu's conversation
-updated a bunch of door scripts to add more logging, tweaked a couple other bits while in there [dn_inc_event, dn_door_*]
-fixed a grammar issue on the Owlbear descriptions
-updated and slightly refactored a dn_inc_lootbag script
-updated some feywild encounter templates and instances
-updated some vfx for a couple custom spells [dn_inc_s_shared, greenfire spells, mass halt undead]
-added support for "/w kit seq" chat command [dn_mod_pcchat, dn_inc_kits]
-added support for "/w rage(s)" chat command [dn_mod_pcchat]
-refactored some rage code slightly [dn_inc_s_ability, nw_s1_barbrage]
-added a decoration to Quivira Plaza of the Gods, and to Tannim Tunnels
-renamed Thayvian Circlet

-updated dn1_chathelp.2da on server override dir

Directions: Import, overwrite all, rebuild all scripts.


Posted by: arQon Jun 29 2017, 04:22 PM and - now live

imported dave20170629.erf (see above for details)

changed Birnham Temple Shadow drops from Unearthly Essence to Ectoplasm

many many plot items (and Reward Notes etc) correctly flagged AS plot items to prevent accidental sale, and Weight Reduced to 10%

conversion of the NS Crypt bookshelves to treasure containers had removed Ulrek's Journal, which provides key backstory for the quest. journal reinstated as an RSPI instance.

books will never be autolooted, even if autoloot is set to "All", unless the book is a plot item. (books have no resale value, and 99% of the ones found "in the wild" are ATS Recipes, which non-crafters have no interest in)

shopping at a Personal Vendor will no longer send "Loading Store..." messages to (uninvolved) players

BG Inflict XYZ Wounds abilities will now work properly (BG level x5 damage, DC 10+CHAMOD, W/2) if used by NPCs

Posted by: arQon Jul 3 2017, 04:33 AM - now live

reworked the spawns in Myrkasi City

ACF will no longer drag you back into fights that you've fled from

Posted by: dave Jul 8 2017, 03:39 AM
-updated a placed sign at Crossroads (PSP sign)
-redesigned the Staff of Shadows appearance
-nuked some stuff in my house, added some more test things
-updated door scripts [dn_inc_door, dn_door_*]
-redesigned door initial state cache routines & player housing handler ; door initial state caching and respawning are now both based on area events, rather than a platoon of door events
*removed feature to have a door guardian pretend to close the door (obsoleted door var: DN_MY_DOOR_GUARD, used for 2 doors)
** removed unsupported vars in Ettin tunnel and Upper NS Mines
**removed support for pre-door DN_CLOSE_TIMER variable controls. Used on 6 doors, 3 of which are in a DM-only housing basement (lol).
** removed unsupported vars in DN basement, GV, NS mine
*removed support for toolset preset variable DN_DO_NOT_CLOSE - used only in Tannim Tunnel
** remove variable from the door in Tannim Tunnel, updted despawn timer to 2 hours, added a Recall Shrine
*removed support for toolset preset variable DN_DO_NOT_LOCK - used on two doors, no longer needed
** remove unsupported variables from the doors
-started to convert Knock to an EMS script (was missing precast!)
-rewrote nw_g0_transition (TEST ME!) - for now it is rerouted to our dn_door_onclick script. BW's version is mostly just clutter to deal with exceptions related to horsecack. Le Sigh.
-Created Builder door test lab
-Created Staff of Passage, placed one in the door test lab marked Plot so test babies can use it. MAde another related test item there.
-updated autochats [dn_mod_pcchat]
*created "/w despawn" builder command [dn_inc_event, dn_mod_pcchat, dn_area_usrdef]
*created "/w doors" builder command [dn_mod_pcchat]
-fixed an issue where automatic detection of DM/Builder areas was checking for an obsolete naming convention [dn_inc_keys]
-defined some new meta-color constants (open/closed/locked/etc) [khb_inc_colors]
-updated Flavor text debug data formatting [dn_inc_flav]
-updated numerous doors throughout the mod that did not use our standard scriptset
-updated names on some doors throughout the mod [eg Self-Deleting Door, etc]
-renamed a couple areas

-updated dn1_chathelp.2da on server override dir

Directions: Import, overwrite all, rebuild all scripts.

Door work is unfinished, but I want to capture progress and think I haven't broken anything too badly.


Posted by: arQon Jul 8 2017, 05:56 AM - now live

Brahkl (Rakasta druid boss) was spawning in triplicate.

Paradan Sewer rats were incorrectly getting 25% concealment thanks to having the X2_L_IS_INCORPOREAL flag set on them.

the FOY quest couldn't be completed because of a bad reference in a 3-party conversation. this should now work properly again.

the Missing Caravan quest couldn't be started because of bad references in a 3-party conversation. this should now work properly again.


imported dave_170707.erf (see above)

note: dave, there were errors in the dn_area_enter and dn_mod_pcchat scripts in the erf. i've fixed them both so that they compile, but you'll need to check that dn_area_enter in particular is actually doing what you want.

Posted by: dave Jul 8 2017, 03:15 PM
QUOTE (arQon @ Jul 8 2017, 07:56 AM)

imported dave_170707.erf (see above)

note: dave, there were errors in the dn_area_enter and dn_mod_pcchat scripts in the erf. i've fixed them both so that they compile, but you'll need to check that dn_area_enter in particular is actually doing what you want.

Thank you, file-diffs look good. Last minute changes FTW. The dn_area stuff needs more testing and investigation anyway, so I"ll poke more as time permits.


Posted by: dave Jul 9 2017, 06:47 PM
Prep work for 033 patch, plus quickly addressing some screenshots/bug reports

-updated dn_inc_appearance for 033
-updated dn_inc_races for 033 (prep work, final awaits final version of patch)
-updated dn_inc_spl_const for 033 (prep work)

-applied the standard dn door scripts to some doors in Faeyn Towers area
-applied the standard dn door scripts to some doors in Builder - Monster Testing area
*There are no longer doors in the mod that can be generate useless HOTU crafting materials (wood?) OnDeath

-tweaked some in game messaging scripts in [dn_mod_pcchat, khb_inc_colors]
-Wesh now sells quarterstaves
-removed unused/obsolete Self-Deleting door scripts: dn_door_delete, dn_destroydoor
-further minor improvements to the dn_door_scriptset
*nuked obsolete features related to the "DN_DOOR_BASHED_OPEN" variable being automagically manipulated by script by an old door system that tried to simulate respawning doors with plotted doors before BW added better support for respawning doors (eg heal works on doors now)
-added mfx to NS cemetery Crawling Claws
-fixed 4 broken exit portals in the Builder - House of Whim areas
-updated dn_inc_lootmsg to improve grammar and play a voice chat when there's "interesting" (eg non-gypsy) loot left behind in a loot placeable [not actually tested lol]
-characters activating a Shrine of Recall will now briefly meditate (as with headstone recovery) [untested]
-fixed an issue found and debugged by Kev for the Missing Hunters quest in Bifrost [untested]
-refactored dn area scripts and related stuff [dn_inc_event, soustone code, dreamcatcher)
*we now have a general system to specify a custom event number to fire for enter/exit on any given area
*we no longer half-ass share an item give/take script for Death and You Awoke - those areas have dedicated events now in dn_area_usrdef
*driving goal was to fix an issue where OnUnacquire did not fire when Dream Catcher is Destroyed, so related journal entries were not updated on exiting you awoke
*there is more opportunity for refactoring/cleanup, but short term goal is accomplished for now (bye bye old screenshot)
-started work on some new spell scripts for 033 spells & abilities, but this is not finished [WIP]

-recompiled all module scripts


Posted by: dave Jul 10 2017, 05:51 AM
-minor layout update in the Tunnel of Tears
-fixed a bugged feedback message in dn_mod_pcchat for "/w kit pc" caused by the recent support to "/w kit seq"
-colorized some more in game messages by replacing StrRef messages with Strings in various spots
-updated Deafening Clang scrolls to make them useable by Bards, added them to the DM Test Resource chest
-fixed a typo in an area name
-tweaked an order-of-operations issue preventing DMs from running Door initialization OnAreaEnter()
-tweaked sleepy pet ai:
*pets are now made "permanently" asleep in onspawn - if you attack etc, they wake up until despawn/respawn, I would now expect
*VFX_IMP_SLEEP is now only applied when d10()>7, to reduce sleep sounds stacking up on a single sleeper
*Sleepers without effect Sleep applied to them turn off their spawn in HB event flag for efficiency

-recompiled all module scripts


Posted by: arQon Jul 13 2017, 09:43 AM

re-enabled Ali's Lab functionality
allow tailoring of Set Items (tlr_copynpcoutfi etc)

Directions: unzip into modules/temp0, rebuild all scripts, delete now-obsoleted "ali_chest.*" from mod.

Posted by: dave Jul 15 2017, 02:46 AM
-updated des_crft_scroll.2da to support 033 spells
-updated des_crft_spells.2da to support 033 spells

-removed duplicate resources:
• x0_s0_firebrand.nss
• x0_s0_missstorm2.nss
• x2_s2_terrage_a.nss
• x2_sp_is_blue.nss
• x2_sp_is_dred.nss
• x2_sp_is_drose.nss
• x2_sp_is_pblue.nss
• x2_sp_is_pgreen.nss
• x2_sp_is_pink.nss
• x2_sp_is_sblue.nss

-recompiled all scripts and rebuilt hak
-module now requires HAK + TLK 033 from the downloads page

-created new spell scroll for new 033 spell
*added it to the scribe/scroll test basked
*added several of our custom druid spells to Eldatha's Temple store inventory
*added new 033 spell to Loot Tables

-updated dn_inc_vfx some more
-changed the obelisk tracing kit appearance to #70 (from #100)
-worked on replacing dynamic tilemagic instances with static mfx spawned tiles
• Updated everything EXCEPT Feywild areas; the Pirate Den may still need tuning
• Added some ZIP points in the course of doing and testing this work
-updated the Speaker Tags in the Missing Hunters convo
-added PfE scrolls to the scribe/scroll test basked
-added a DM Scribe/Scroll test basked to Kev's house
-wrote and ran a Moneo script to apply 033 race changes to all affected creature blueprints
-Updated the appearances of the FoY bottles - changed the name of the Plot item to "Sample"
-updated EMS precache script
-worked on new spell/spelllike ability scripts:
• Lightning Flurry
• Aura of Confusion
• Touch of Weakness
• Aura of Sharknado (MOB enter requires work before deployment, possibly while refactoring Gust of Wind to codeshare)
-[to do] unimplemented or incomplete yet:
• Monster Summon Wisp
• Monster Summon Sharknado
• Giant Stomp
• Wail of the Banshee (Monster abil) - ripped from the spell, precast check removed, still prolly needs a look
-tweaked Dream Catcher journal entry behavior
-updated some journal entries [highlighted the website link cyan, fixed some typos]
-updated the custom waypoint palette
-imported Kev's ERF {Ali's Lab]
-as we now grant Mighty Rage on levelup at Barbarian L21, adjusted the Rage script to grant the effect for higher level barbs even if they are missing the feat (eg if they predate the 033 patch and have not gone to FoY to relevel, they should still get the benefits of taking 21+ barb levels).

-recompiled all module scripts

Posted by: dave Jul 17 2017, 05:48 AM
*design maintenance on some speaker tags in various conversations
*got sucked into some random layout edits, updates, renames, tag fixing, npc touching, etc around Babaeyl

Instructions: import/overewrite all/done


Posted by: arQon Jul 18 2017, 12:13 AM and - now live

imported hunters_170715.erf (should stop the hunters respawning)

imported spkrtags_170717.erf (see above)

new functionality for the weary leveller: level up, level down, match party leader's xp

players with the Uncanny Dodge feat will also receive the "Monster Uncanny Reflex" feat, which is basically a version of Uncanny Dodge that actually works (or at least, works better than Uncanny Dodge)

moved tedia's spawn trigger (magt armory) so she appears as soon as players enter the shop

Deafening Clang and Blade Thirst were calling PreCast twice, which was harmless for normal castings but did raise potential problems when trying to cast them from scrolls via UMD

characters that travel to the Fountain Of Youth can now take a small amount of the water for themselves for later use

the "attack my target" radial shout (VWE) can now be used to:
1) tell your pets to attack YOUR target, if you have one. this should obsolete the "pet amt" whisper command, and like that should also help with pets refusing to attack invisible creatures even if right next to them.
2) send your pets to attack enemies that YOU can see at a distance but they can't because of their inferior perception range. (they still won't attack things that are around corners and visible to you only because of the TAB key - the enemies have to be "genuinely perceived" by you).

Posted by: dave Jul 21 2017, 05:22 AM
-replaced tilemagic throughout Feywild
-updated some Feywild monster builds (gave Hags Touch of Weakness, etc)
-added DN_IS_FLYING_MONSTER to a number of Feywild creature blueprints
-tweaked a few other existing bits and captured a few more fey ideas

Instructions: Overwrite all

Posted by: arQon Jul 21 2017, 09:08 PM and - now live
ATS crafting is currently broken - it should be fixed later tomorrow, sorry

imported feytm_170720.erf (see above)

the Monster Uncanny Reflex support for PCs would be lost on equipping a helmet because of engine bugs with item properties: it now has a workaround that should restore it.

design maintenance on some tools (wand of naming) and purging of some dmfi "language" leftovers.

some "Unique Set" items with very high saves bonuses in their base form have had those saves slightly nerfed.

damage shield spells can no longer be stacked (stacking all of them could kill a dragon in about 3 rounds tongue.gif).

tweaked the spellbooks of Grue Deep Binders to remove multiple damage shields, since the ai will insist on casting them all, so only the last one - which would also be the weakest one - would be in effect.
* there are probably a handful of other casters with multiple damage shields out there somewhere: if you notice one, please report it to the Nits thread.

Crafted Iron Fire Opal Amulets had the wrong properties: they're now correctly CHA+4, Univ+1, Fort+1

Crafted Onyx items, which previously added no "gem" properties, are now AC+5 on amulets. rings still have no "gem" properties.

Crafted Black Sapphire items, which previously added no "gem" properties, are now AC+5 and Univ+1 on amulets. rings still have no "gem" properties.

Kranle Ironmonger now also sells Iron rings: low gems only, and as with his weapons likely to be the most expensive vendor of them in crossroads, but it does mean there's a guaranteed source of "beginner" stat-boosting rings.


lots of "infrastructure" cleanup/maintenance on ats

lots of "infrastructure" cleanup on dmfi, by which i mean "removing it all"

removed the ems wand (we haven't changed any of the settings it controls in over a decade, and i think we're past the "testing" phase now...)

Posted by: arQon Jul 30 2017, 07:28 PM and - now live

fixed ats breakage caused by compiler bugs

changed the masscrit on avengers to be more d47-ish

Posted by: arQon Jul 31 2017, 01:26 PM - live

Quivira Water Lord had Shivering Screen and EleShield; Air Lord had Voltaic Defense and EleShield.
both fixed, thanks for the report.

Quivira Earth Lord has gained GSS. this is mostly for the visual, since there's no earth-flavored elemental shield, but it'll also make him much much harder to kill for PCs that don't have +5 weapons.

added Half-Elven Combat Boots (CON+2, AC+3, Conc+3, Movement Speed +50%) to the MagT Armory (Tedia / Archery Shop).

tweaked the Slumdog Bugbears journal to direct players to return to the Temple of Mithra rather than Paradan.

added Staff Of Shadows to the Bifrost Magic Shop.

Posted by: arQon Aug 3 2017, 04:29 AM and - live

corrected the Desert Expedition spawns to be 60s - they were *20 minutes*, which is why they constantly broke the quest back before glewien and hediel were made Plot chars so that they didn't despawn...

glewien and hediel will now despawn normally

fixed some broken loot vars in paradan sewers, myrkasi passage

fixed some bad deity vars in mithra forest temple and cybele ukousheer temple

reworked the Rapier of the Courtier and its recipe

rewrote the paradan sewer quest to not require the party leader to be the one with all the rat tails

Posted by: dave Aug 7 2017, 07:42 AM
-updated doortest area
-removed unnecessary variables from a static Cocoon placeable blueprint
-renamed dm_magt_valk_gen.dlg to dn_magt_valk_gen.dlg, updated affected valkrye blueprints
-updated door scripts (dn_door_*, dn_inc_door, dn_inc_event )


1. Unzip file contents into temp0 dir with module open in the toolset.
2. Recompile module scripts.
3. (suggestion) Delete these conversation files: dm_magt_valk_gen, dn_dm_castleserve, emotewand

Posted by: arQon Aug 7 2017, 10:00 AM - live

added tiger blood to the crafting resources chest

added stardust (formerly wisp essence) to the crafting resources chest and updated the stormwrath recipe to use the new name

added spider poison sacs and mummy bandages to the crafting resources chest

reworked all the Rage-counting stuff in light of 033. barbs get 1 rage per level per day (ie same as bardsong), and the counter shown ON the Rage button is correct for barb1/4/8/12/etc. if you're between those levels, your first few rages will give you a message showing the correct number of rages you have left, but once you've used that "surplus" (eg after 2 rages if you're barb14) the button will be correct.

the "/w rage" command now also gives the correct number of rages.

imported (see above)
thanks for the emotewand catch!

removed a bunch of extra lore checks that were in "actions taken" in the desert obelisk dialogs (it ran the lore check script 4 times for a single attempt)

(finally!) fixed an ai bug caused by doors not actually being destroyed when they were destroyed, which kept pets in "excited" mode since they wanted to keep basing them

Posted by: dave Aug 9 2017, 10:09 AM
QUOTE (dave @ Jul 21 2017, 07:22 AM)
-replaced tilemagic throughout Feywild
-updated some Feywild monster builds (gave Hags Touch of Weakness, etc)
-added DN_IS_FLYING_MONSTER to a number of Feywild creature blueprints
-tweaked a few other existing bits and captured a few more fey ideas

Instructions: Overwrite all


I think this patch didn't import properly. The Tilemagic we noted in Everfrost and the Forest of Whispers on Monday night should have been fixed by this patch.

In the Toolset, the Placeables list for these areas shouldn't have any "Tile Magic - *" included after the ERF is imported and the module is saved. After a successful import, the areas in question should have more waypoints, which is how MFX deploys the tilemagic replacement. The tags for the new waypoints have the "BUILD_" prefix.

It looks like new stuff from this patch did get imported, but many of the updated exiting resources do NOT look like they were updated. Either that, or I am totally crossed up on somethign on my end.

Can you please re-import this patch and overwrite all? I've reviewed the contents and it looks good to go; I was about to go redo all the tilemagic updates and the work felt too familiar. smile.gif There *are* some other lingering bits of tilemagic in the mod - this patch limited her scope to Feywild areas pretty well, but I can poke at those separately, later.


Posted by: dave Aug 9 2017, 04:04 PM
-worked on door scripts
-updated swamp troll champ builds [giant stomp]
-fixed script sets on some stores (they referred to obsolete door scripts)
-fixed the Sound Burst scroll template (YABB) where the class usage restrictions were set incorrectly
-worked on a new tavern - The Fox and Hound - to Bif. (unfinished)
-replaced tile magic in the Faeyn Home Interiors with new mfx-based setup
-removed tile magic from the Amur Pirates area, went with mfx where appropriate
-added a "Henchmen" palette folder to the custom encounters palette

Import and overwrite all; recompile module

Posted by: arQon Aug 11 2017, 11:23 PM and - live

stop henchmen jumping out of rest mode to heal damage that's about to be healed by resting anyway

fixed ats's inability to handle stacks of components. only for gems, but az fixed ingots 12 years ago, and those two are 99% of crafting. dyes etc could also be fixed if anyone cared enough.

rewrote g0_fear to fix multiple bugs and annoyances.
this should also mean that undead pets will become un-Turned once combat ends, instead of being stuck that way for several minutes.
however, that required removing CutsceneParalyze from it, which may bring back the classic bw bugs with Frightened monsters still attacking PCs via AOOs etc.

ugh, yeah - the ai is just way too broken without the absoluteness of CutsceneParalyze. maybe another day...

reimported feytm_170720.erf, hopefully more successfully this time. tongue.gif
> jep, frost giant lair looks good, at least

imported dave_170809.erf

Soonami's "follower weapons" now also include Bastard Swords.

jemma (giedi jewelry) now sells Black Sapphire amulets.

partially fixed Star Seeds spamming their OnAcquire message on login: they won't do it in YouAwoke, but that's the best i could manage.

moved dn_deity.2da out of the hak

Posted by: dave Aug 12 2017, 11:04 AM

* import & overwrite all
* recompile module scripts

-updated dn_w_zipomatic (Weary Trav) dialog file to list more ZIP points (feywild, fox n hound, doortest, etc)
-fixed an encounter palette bug with henchmen folder
-deployed henchmen encounters in the Iron Goblin, the Fox and Hound, and the Monkey's Uncle bars
-worked on some feywild stuff
-wrote a support for stripping color tags out of a string [dn_inc_string]
-wrote support for writing log entries with color tags stripped [dn_inc_debug]
-updated door scripts to strip color tags out of Log Entries for legibility [dn_door*]
-updated creature palette to add a new folder for Feywild - The Deep
-moved obsolete tilemagic placeables into the "Special2/Obsolete-Marked for Deletion" palette folder
[request] DELETE ott_tile_magic.* script from the module [obsolete/unused]

Posted by: dave Aug 12 2017, 07:26 PM
-updated dn_inc_vfx [new vfx consts]
-updated dn_hen_onspawn [hire-able henchies will be marked with cyan exclamation marks in game]

* import & overwrite all
* recompile module scripts

Requires latest 033 hak+tlk

Posted by: arQon Aug 13 2017, 05:51 AM and - live

imported dave_170812.erf

imported dave_henvfx.erf

Epic Bracers of Health and Discipline have had their GP padding reduced to bring them down to level 21, and are now available in Giedi

Bastion has had some expensive but (very) low-real-value properties removed and is now level 21

updated all the real dragons and drakes to a new Crushing & Piercing bite

fixed the ats stack handling for dyes after all, and also for "custom components" which includes gemcutting

deleted a few custom armors that haven't been usable for 10 years (eg AC6+2 at level 14+) and tweaked a few others to MAKE them usable (eg Holy Plate)

fixed the exit trigger for the Basin

the attempted fix for star seeds spamming their onacquire message on re/join still didn't stop it, so another approach has been tried

updated the You Awoke message board with a notice about henchmen

deleted all the tilemagic stuff

Posted by: dave Aug 14 2017, 09:00 AM

DIRECTIONS: import & overwrite all

-itempal.itp update to remove obsolete gold piece item palette folder
-removed incorrect skins from a couple of Grig builds
-updated death halls so that doors from sanctuary are unlocked by default; ZIP deathhalls can now be used as an additional montest facility; DMs can still set up Death Halls runs by nuking test content before setting up a run and herding players
-made some new fey builds and deployed them to deathhalls test area for kicks

Posted by: dave Aug 15 2017, 09:49 PM
-imported my 170814.erf
-ran moneo script to fix bad loot var settings throughout the mod
-fixed some grammar in a couple journal entries [module.jrl]
-the "hench" test command whisper now gives feedback if the created henchman is not valid (pc_mod_pcchat)
-the "name" test command whisper now gives feedback if the targeted object is not valid (pc_mod_pcchat)
-updated various scripts for 033 being live (dn_inc_races, dn_inc_classes, dn_inc_player, x0_i0_talent, x0_i0_treasure, dn_inc_s_util, dn_inc_lootbag, dn_mag_elfielf, dn_s0_burnblood, khb_i_s_shared/IsMindless(), khb_i_s_ability [doh], nw_s1_bltdisese, nw_s1_conedisea, nw_s2_turndead, tof_s0_repverm, x0_i0_match, dn_s0_detabberr )
-updated the Remove Fear scroll template to be useable by Bards [per DN changes]
-the "health" and "stats" player chat commands should now report for all party members, including summons & henchies [dn_inc_player]
-updated dn_hen_onspawn to have hireable henchies honor POST waypoints on spawn.
-wrote up some basic info on henchmen as FYI info for players in the journal
-this journal entry is activated for PCs once they reach 7+ levels of experience, and is marked complete once a henchie is hired
-turned off last loot reporting for Star Seeds and Moon Seeds
-updated the take dn_bif_takepelts script to ReportPartyGold after running, like the Gyspy Fastbuy script
-Henchmen can now be hired in the Siren's Call, at Faeries Wear Boots, in the Aleworks @ the Babaeyl Aeylworks, or in Camp Duster
-deity weapons now explicitly message the equipping character to call out the Deity Blessing details, in addition to the existing flavor [dn_inc_equip and related]

Posted by: arQon Aug 17 2017, 01:22 AM
in progress

unearthly essence and unholy hamburger were missing the Stolen flag

Epic Bracers of Health and Discipline now activate at 21 (ie immediately) and increase every 3 levels (was at 21 and every 2)

Posted by: dave Aug 17 2017, 07:14 AM
Kev, can you erf that stuff when ready? I did end up getting into some stuff last night. smile.gif


Posted by: dave Aug 17 2017, 08:17 PM
-Fixed some obsolete placeables in Camp Duster
-Updated some logic in dn_inc_races bGetIsVermin() function()
-Removed the DMFI Language Widgets custom item palette folder [obsolete/empty]
-the Immortality Wand is no longer filed under DMFI, but rather under Custom DN Widgets
-Deleted the DM's Helper Wand [dmshelper.uti]
-Removed the DMFI Wand Package custom item palette folder (now empty)
-Deleted dn_w_dmshelper [attempted to open a convo that's already deleted, so this widget does nothing]
-Updated dn_inc_switches to nuke reference to dmshelper
-Added ATS Skill Wand to the DM Chest of Test Resources
-Nuked some code referencing an absent Wand of FX; the convo is gone, so now the script and dn_inc_switch redirect are gone now too
-Rearranged some furniture in my player housing
-removed the dmfi_jail waypoint from the Paradan Gaol area [no longer supported]
-removed dnnpcbook*.uti - half the described npcs don’t actually exist. What remained weren't detailed enough to be useful anyway.
*also cleaned up related references in the npc inv, the loot control area, the dm library, and deleted some related placeable blueprints
-the whisper command "kit pc" will now create the Guard Widget in addition to the current behavior
-created a "Curse Wand" to toggle the NoDrop flag on an item. Added it to the DM Chest of Resources. [I'm still trying to clean my chars of DMFI stuff]
-the Ego Wand is deprecated and no longer supported. It is replaced by a "/w ego" chat command instead. [dn1_chathelp.2da updated!]
-moved Aleworks ZIP point inside the Aleworks boat (more work to do)
-updates to the Weary Trav dialog
-converted the Nospmis builds from Magical Beasts to Elementals, set their subraces to Fire [some HD lost to preserve CR]
-Bessie, Buttercup, and Daisy builds converted from Outsiders to Magical Beasts, to match the other Hell Bovines builds [some HD added]
-changed an ambush spawn point slightly in Grue Roundhouse
-enhanced "doors" whisper chat to report when no doors are found nearby
-worked on some placeables in Grue land
-colorized some mushroom names in the mod
-removed "nwscript" from the OnUsed event hook for some Couches in the Satin Road Homes
-removed several mil_* scripts from random torture placeables in the Paradan Gaol and made the placeables Static
-worked on some new stuff in Feywild areas
-did some design maintenance on various random UTC assets

Recompiled module + server hak + dn1_chathelp.2da
Installed & Live

Posted by: arQon Aug 18 2017, 12:57 PM (the erf export added a megabyte of area files etc for some reason)

Directions: unzip into modules/temp0, overwrite all. script is already rebuilt.

Posted by: dave Aug 19 2017, 10:30 PM
-imported Kev's erf
-design maintenance on various npcs & monsters
-removed store/merchant vars on Barney


Posted by: dave Aug 21 2017, 05:10 AM
-design maintenance on various npcs & monsters


Posted by: dave Aug 23 2017, 01:02 PM
-corrected the min level required to hire a henchman info in the journal
-added a bartender to the Fox and Hound and added a store
-minor cosmetic updates to some bifrost+fort npcs
-updated the custom creature palette [merged NS/insects into Common/Beetles)
-henchmen now celebrate with a cheer when their master levels up
-if a player has a henchman, they are reminded after levelling up to level their henchmen as well
-updated dn_door_onclik to vary messaging slightly for Doors vs Area Transition triggers
*this saves updating 200+ triggers to give them meaningful custom per instance exit/entrance/transition names
-ongoing creature build design maintenance, focused on auditing the audit from last couple patches. smile.gif


Posted by: dave Aug 27 2017, 05:26 AM
-nuked Eryyn's extensive set of walk wps; she basically attacks on spawn anyway
-did some minor design maintenance on our dragons (some were dis-armable, applied tag standards and updated related WPs, etc)
-remade all of our Homeless Dragons quickly from Ruth
-deleted some elemental weirds, rebalanced the rest to target Feywild and moved them to the Feywild/Common palette folder
-refiled a few more monsters and nuked several more unneeded custom palette folders
-nuked the Unloved/Elemental Weirds custom palette folder
-worked on some NPCs
-update dn_door_onclick to call out destination name ohmy.gif
-deleted most of nw_g0_transition(mostly bw horsecack, rest is redundant w/ our doorscripts)
-created some flavor-y deity cloaks based on undeployed hak content and distributed them to some relevant npcs and temple stores
-made & deployed a custom appearance for the MagT Valkrye cloaks
-Mother Merem, a priestess of Naigdon in the Temple of the Land, now properly offers the Naigdon Temple store rather than Eldatha's store
-added Mithra and Eldatha NPCs with temple store access to the Temple of the Land
-updated the zippomatic convo
-created the Temple of the Mountain in Giedi (serves Charess/Soonami)


Posted by: dave Aug 29 2017, 01:52 AM
-refreshed Soonami Temple armor/clothing/shields vs modern design specs (Electricity is favored element)
-Soonami temples now sell aforementioned gear
-Refreshed Store Names for Temples (these list associated npcs in toolset)
-refreshed Charess Temple armor/clothing/shields vs modern design specs (Cold is favored element)
-made a builder area to help compare Temple Shops for consistency [zip godshop]
-updated weary trav conversation
-added some placeables to the Temple of the Wind
-updated deity bows/xbows/slings to unlimited ammo +1d6 favored element, +1 mighty (ie all are more consistent)


Posted by: dave Sep 1 2017, 02:23 AM
-enabled "Keen" weapon modifier on Thrown Weapons (Dart, Shuriken, Throwing Axes) [itemprops.2da]
-deleted emo_* scripts from the server hak [looked to be old emote wand cack]
-pulled nxw* and w* scripts out of the hak for maintenance (old wand scripts and items: deity, mfx, nexus, whimstones, whimsickles)
-reimported several dn_w_* wand support scripts after maintenance work (below)
-enabled deity weapon scaling for Thrown Weapons [updated website deity info thread, too]
-enabled deity weapon scaling for Ranged Weapons that consume Ammunition
*touched dn_mod_def*, dn_inc_equip, dn_inc_item, dn_inc_iprop maybe a couple more things like x0_i0_match
-moved a few functions/constants from dn_inc_item to the (already existing) dn_inc_iprop
-updated spawns at /w zip godshop, added npc WPs, added some test stuff
-added Rapier and Longsword (more Elf Racial Weapons) to Eldatha's list of follower weapons, created deity weapons for these, and added them to her Temple Shop

-minor updates and design maintenance on the deity wand (added color, scripts/dlg now follow dn_w_* convention)
-minor updates to the pilgrim quest journal entry to mention the "pilgrim" whisper chat
-minor updates and design maintenance on the nexus wand (added color, scripts/dlg now follow dn_w_* convention)
-reused the nexus wand color tokens to colorize the city names in the Nexus Trials journal entries
-minor updates and design maintenance on the mfx wand (scripts/dlg now follow dn_w_* convention)

-removed support for Whimsickles and Whimstones
*these were a fun first project over a decade ago, but are obsolete and not worth reworking to modern standards
*Lady Whim's Vanity Items are not nuked, but I started updating them to require L41+ to equip, restoring a design spec broken by HotU's epic level support
-deleted most whimstone/whimsickle blueprints and related DM readme book
-deleted Summonable Whim Cat monster templates [sleepy player pet whim cats are not deleted]
-deleted Whimsickle destination waypoints from various cities
-deleted scripting support for whimstones/whimsickles
-deleted unused dn_w_autoloot dialog
*this was a placeholder - a hacked up copy of the nexus wand dialog and we want with a whisper chat based system for this in lieu of a conversation-driven widget

-added support for the Faerie Fire spell in the ai perceive routines when something is heard, but not seen [dn_c2_perceive_2, x0_i0_talent]

-rebuilt scripts


Posted by: dave Sep 1 2017, 07:51 PM
-updated Henchmen journal behavior to mark the journal complete when re-summoning a previously dismissed henchie
-updated deity/dm vanity items to make sure they all require L41+
-made some more flavory low level items for temple stores based on content added over the last few HAKs

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Sep 1 2017, 10:55 PM
QUOTE (dave @ Sep 1 2017, 02:51 PM)
-updated Henchmen journal behavior to mark the journal complete when re-summoning a previously dismissed henchie
-updated deity/dm vanity items to make sure they all require L41+
-made some more flavory low level items for temple stores based on content added over the last few HAKs

-rebuilt scripts
-updated Henchmen journal behavior to mark the journal complete when re-summoning a previously dismissed henchie - try #2

NOT Installed - Kev is logged in smile.gif

Posted by: arQon Sep 1 2017, 11:57 PM - live

(based on

fixed the DD set not boosting the items' saves on powerup

Posted by: dave Sep 2 2017, 08:24 PM
-adjusted login timing constants
-design maintenance on deity items
-Implemented the missing Trident of the Thundering Seas, added it to Ukousheer's temple stores

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: arQon Sep 3 2017, 06:55 PM
in progress

added a couple of spawns to the dsm weyr central area

tweaked saarnia's spellbook in an attempt to stop her wasting so much time casting useless low-level buffs

henchmen will no longer try to heal dead allies (ty dave)

tweaked VWE behavior so that if a henchman is trying to reach your target but can't, VWE will use the enemy nearest to the henchman

deleted marge's custom kukris, which she hasn't actually used since she was rebuilt many many years ago

the cost to level up a henchmen is now the xp delta for that level. the cost to HIRE one is still only half the xp of your level.

dragons cannot be blinded

Posted by: dave Sep 5 2017, 12:47 AM
-updated some placeables in Babaeyl
-updated numerous common BW placeable templates to nuke bad script references and designate them as static décor rather than loot
-updated my house
-updated another surprise (try not to look at the ERF too closely, and avoid the server override 'til we get online)

Import/Overwrite all
No recompile necessary
[No existing scripts updated]

Posted by: arQon Sep 5 2017, 01:26 AM and - live

imported dave_170904.erf (very quickly without looking at anything, so hopefully i didn't mess up the import)

acid sheath reduced to 10+2d6 max

burning barrier, shivering screen, voltaic defense, and wounding wail reduced to 15+2d6 max

Posted by: dave Sep 6 2017, 02:41 AM
-deployed BSB to a new sub-area of AFK
-renamed some utility areas for consistency
-design maintenance on the Soonami Temple store
-updated the Soul Stone description to mention Shrines of Recall
-nuked some unneeded debug code [dn_inc_player]
-updated Fort Achaea Guard appearances
-updated Gypsy Fast Buy to process Henchmen inventories for players [gypsy_fastbuy.n*]

Import/Overwrite all

Only potential risk is likely if you're concurrently editing dn_inc_player, in which case my import can be skipped. I just nuked some unneeded debuginfo from when I was developing the support for including henchies in /w stats.


Posted by: arQon Sep 7 2017, 10:55 AM - live

fixed a typo in the penultimate journal entry for pilgrimage

fixed an issue where a henchman that had been summoned wouldn't rejoin if their master disconnected and reconnected

fixed an issue where builder-summoned henchmen would become orphans because the player already had a henchman, so they couldn't join. the summoning will now just fail.

rewrote sgt eeva's bless script: she shouldn't join the party as a henchman just to cast the spell, and her character is so low-level anyway that it doesn't even last for the time it takes players to get to the graveyard, let alone the mausoleum. her new "spell" is a better version of Bless, is undispellable, and will last 20 Turns (or until players rest).
of course, after doing all that, i went to test it and there isn't actually any way to GET her to cast it, nor is it referenced anywhere in the mod.
i fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes etc in her convo (and i expect there are still more), and added the spell to it as part of accepting the BQ.

imported dave_170905.erf (no collisions - i did very nearly add something to inc_players for eeva's script, but didn't need to in the end)

nerfed the level 27+ sable's gear from Mastery+6 and Cloak Of Fortification +4 to Mastery+5 and CoF+3. she's still "safe" against spells from non-Champion/Boss monsters, and i decided i don't like her having gear that isn't available to PCs. players can equip her with eg a White cloak if they really want to.

fixed a bug with Freezing Fog applying the slow VFX to corpses. interestingly, a different bug meant (and still means) that *creatures* didn't actually have their movement speed decreased. since it's been like that since Jan06 i've opened a design-side discussion on whether we really want that or not.

hopefully fixed a bug with PCs not receiving soulstones if they die with a henchman in tow.

Posted by: dave Sep 15 2017, 03:54 AM
-opened Selestar's Zombie Pit
-did design maintenance on NS Zombies - new 1/2 CR builds are now present in the cemetary, etc
-updated Weary Trav
-made a custom cloak for all of our Gypsies and deployed it
-made some custom Paradan-related cloaks and deployed them to some NPCs
-deployed some deity cloaks to a number of NPCs
-/w pots now reports on your party's henchmen as well
-/w kits now reports on your party's henchmen as well
-tweaked the /w gear chat command output format
-updated Tannim Lord's tileset from Castle Interior to Castle Interior 2
-added some flavor text
-/w kit xp and /w kit trav are now synonymous with /w kit test - dn1_chathelp.2da updated
-fixed some typos on placeable descriptions in MC
-tweaked the Pilgrimmage journal entry so that "Pantheon" is consistently capitalized
-/w rez and rezall test commands now working on henchies, though may need further testing/attention

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Sep 18 2017, 12:34 PM
-I think I got the autoloot soundfx working more reliably by assigning the sound to the pc, rather than the looted placeable. Go figure. [dn_inc_soundfx, dn_inc_autoloot, a couple other minor related bits]
-updated a number of ambient sounds and placed sound objects throughout the mod to lower volumes
-made a handful of additional deity amulets

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Sep 22 2017, 11:08 PM
-found and fixed some bad variable settings on a couple creature templates
-defined some new constants based on recent cc updates [dn_inc_apperance, dn_inc_spl_const]
-design maintenance on creature build HP [done for now]
-design maintenance on creature builds using Creature Weapon Feats [done]
-design maintenance on creature builds featuring useless skills (Craft Traps, Parry, Ride, etc) [done]

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Sep 25 2017, 07:40 PM
-updates around my house
-updates to the Dead Hole in the Crypt after some testing
-minor design maintenance
-updated the appearance for Incandescent Gords
*they had a speed modifier boosting CR, so made some minor build changes as well
-updated Torrid/Burning Horror Appearances to use (new!) Salamander appearances
-removed an unused area [experimental layout to expand MC]
-added 2 new areas for development [MC]
-worked on some new monster ideas intended for possible deployment in MC
-updated Naigdon's Children's build, made a new variant for MC
-Miller's Basement Fire Beetles now drop the version of Fire Beetle Bellies that Gypsyes Buy. I may make a pass at more cleanup on the (4?) fire beetl ebuilds etc we have kickign around.
-NS Healer will now buy scrolls
-Selestar's Dark Return should be more reliable now


Posted by: dave Sep 27 2017, 12:31 PM
-updated Disc scores for our various Oozes per design re-spec


Posted by: dave Oct 6 2017, 01:06 PM
-figured out a problem with my placeable update ERF in early Sept and fix the non-static décor in Midtown Bab
-updated some other placeables throughout the mod using bw loot scripts ondeath/onopen
-renamed the NS Mill Basement Fire Beetles slightly, fixed some Fire Beetles dropping the wrong Fire Beetle Bellies (Gypsy would not buy)
-added a variable called DN_GENERAL_QUEST_NPC to Jerrod, Cemetery Gate Guard, NS Miller, and a few other NPCs that are associated with various one-off quests
-updated the spawn code to add a white exclamation mark VFX to NPCs marked with DN_GENERAL_QUEST_NPC
-updated the Fand/Notus Roc appearance & name

-rebuilt scripts

[Above is recovered and or rebuilt work I lost when my machine got clobbered by a stupid useless broken Microsoft patch last week]

Posted by: dave Oct 11 2017, 03:36 AM
-recompiled all scripts; previous version rebuild was blocked by Comodo after rebuilding my dev machine [doh]
-retargeted the Paradan Sewer Oozes to CR8 (==basic wererats+1), renamed their area, removed plot flag on the locked southern access point
-added a new NPC, Mr Scott, near the Paradan Noble area Sewer entry
-worked on first version of new scripts for the new NPC (exterminate quest general support) [dnsc_eq*.nss, dn_eq*.nss, dn_mod_acquire]
-Mr Scott has the first exterminate quest in the mod available
-updated weary trav
-updated some Gypsy fastbuy script messaging

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Oct 14 2017, 04:00 AM
-updated spawns in Main Engineering
-Monster drops are now more consistent in Main Engineering (Slurm v Diet Slurm)
-worked on placesables in the Paradan Sewers Main Engineering area
-the whisper chat "sfx" now reports results in a way visible to the entire local party
-added "eq" chat command to help PCs understand quest progress (chat command is a work in progress)

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: arQon Oct 14 2017, 10:37 AM

updated the Epic Bracers to use the new custom spell added in 033 so they can cleanly operate independently of the Brooch Of Defense.

Directions: unzip into modules/temp0, overwrite all, rebuild all scripts.


note: a "dn_ss_has30gem.nss" script is still kicking around in the mod: this is (now VERY-)legacy cruft from the old sash quest, and should be deleted (don't forget the ncs).

Posted by: dave Oct 15 2017, 05:34 AM
-updated dn1_chathelp.2da to describe "eq" command [override]

-imported Kev's submission
-deleted dn_ss_has30gem.n*

-re-ran EMS PreCache (thanks Kev!)

-TALKVOLUME should now work to active WHISPER chat commands for Parties of one (1)
-further adjustments to Main Engineering spawns & decor
-Dionagae are now marked properly as champs
-updates to the "eq" chat command
-Mr Scott now gives PCs who accept his quest the key to main engineering
-cleaned up some out of date/obsolete comments in a few bits of code
-increased the time delay between autoloot sounds when multiple items are looted, from 0.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds.

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Oct 16 2017, 03:22 AM
-updated deity equip messaging to get rid of some false messages
-fixed incorrect item prop on Mithra's Ring [thanks Kev!]
-updated autoloot soundfx for armors

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Oct 17 2017, 04:25 AM
-updated pcchat TALKVOLUME handler update from the weekend to not count associates as party members when determining if player is solo (duh)
-fixed an issue with the sound fx routine for autoloot [potions, etc]

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Oct 21 2017, 04:36 AM
-updated some more placeables to remove BW OnOpen/OnDeath loot scripts
-deployed some improved Signage and Markers around various urban areas for shops, gypsies, nexus, etc
-updated some existing signage placeables around various urban areas
-fixed some stray scripts attached to random placeables that look like copy/paste errors
-our henchmen have discovered Quark's Entertainment Emporium

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Oct 23 2017, 04:36 AM
-tweaked dn_mod_pcchat updates I tried to make recently
-updates to the extermination quest scriptset after more testing
-minor updates to Mr Scott + convo

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Oct 26 2017, 12:40 PM
-updated x2_inc_beholder (added constants)
-updated x2_s1_beholdray (added Hold Ray support)
-added a couple new script for a new monster that reference the two previous updates
-more tweaking of the dn_mod_pcchat. Blargh. Refactored a couple bits.
*also worked on suppressing some unintentional chat commands arising from regular chatter
-worked on some new monsters - undeployed as of yet
-changed the default color of Ectoplasmic Good lootbag names from Gold to Purple
-updated rest event with check for unlevelled henchie reminder [untested]
-updated /w who chat command to list henchies with the idea of providing levelup reminders (DING!) for them as well [dn_inc_players]
-regenerated precache

-rebuilt scripts

Note: lots of untested stuff there (new monster abils, hench levelup reminders and chat command behavior updates)

Posted by: dave Oct 27 2017, 04:41 AM
-fixed some problems with untested stuff from this morning's patch

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Oct 28 2017, 04:22 AM
-Minor refactoring of code related to some recent projects
-more polish and bugfixes on some of the henchie levelup notification work

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: arQon Oct 29 2017, 08:40 AM

relevel delin as DD-only from 22 on. (mostly thematic, though technically it results in a tiny power loss at 25 and 26, which is recovered from 27 on).

nw_ch_ac5 (OnAttacked for pets) if an attacking flanker is Plotted, it's a POF and thus has UberSeeing, so don't bother trying to HIPS to get it to switch targets.
(note: there seems to be somewhere else also triggering this behavior still, but damned if i can find it...)
> aha! with logging back on, it was indeed this code triggering the unwanted HIPS, but it was because bw was incorrectly using GetLastDAMAGER in that code, rather than GetLastATTACKER, so as a result the wrong creature was being looked at.

nw_i0_generic: remove obsoleted HenchChooseTactics

dn_inc_hench: adjust henchmen level by -2 when deciding what healing items to create: otherwise, at eg 30 they start to get +25 healkits, when typical (ie non-champ+) monsters are still dropping +20s.

nw_i0_generic: the main test in AI_DEBUG had managed to invert the impact of GetIsLocalTestModeEnabled at some point, causing offline testing to not actually work.

x0_inc_henai: completely ignore GetAttackTarget. rather counter-intuitive, but the reality is that if the previous target died last round, we may have been auto-switched to a summon or other "unwanted" target already; and this can also pull the henchman onto to a new target because of AOOs, causing them to abandon their current one. ignoring this and continuing on will resume combat against our ACTUAL attack target if it's still alive, and choosing a new one intelligently (master's target, or nearest NON-summon) if that one is dead.

x0_inc_henai: try to go after the npc master if the nearest enemy that we would otherwise choose is a summon.
NOTE: this is fine in places like Raven Shoals, and even in "normal" grue spawns that i tested, but does have the potential to cause "lockups" in the ai if it tries to go after a master that can't be pathed to because of eg a huge swarm around the henchman. the only solution for that scenario is the master using VWE, which isn't really different to what you'd want to do in the old case anyway. still, we'll keep an eye on it.


Directions: unzip into modules/temp0, overwrite all, rebuild all scripts.

Posted by: dave Oct 30 2017, 03:16 AM
-imported Kev's henchman update
-reorganized feywild/feydark custom encounter palettes

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: arQon Oct 31 2017, 01:00 AM

added a bunch of gnoll builds, and some test spawns to MH beach (zip mhsh)

Posted by: dave Oct 31 2017, 04:41 AM
-updates dn_mod_onrest, dn_mod_pcchat, dn_mod_pclevelup
*should fix resting TMI
*improved token checking in pcchat processing of commands
*minor levelup tweak
*one other new resource

Directions: Unzip into temp0, overwrite all, recompile

Also updated on server:

dn1_chathelp.2da [override]
Added: autoloot help entry
Updated: kills entry
Updated: deaths entry
Added: tpk entry
Updated: info entry
Updated: npcs entry
Added: unlock entry
Updated: wtf entry


Posted by: arQon Nov 2 2017, 01:01 AM - LIVE


further updates to the gnoll and augu builds

refined the GetAttackTarget change to simply early-out from any further logic if GetAttackTarget IS genuinely our current target: this avoids AI message spam, and since t doesn't require a "new" ActionAttack also stops them constantly shouting their battlecry, which is annoying enough already.

hopefully fixed some brentness that caused henchmen to ignore "Stay Here" (VWX) and "Follow Me" (VEE) and constantly attack things anyway.

updated the monster ai to buff the offhand weapon as well, if they have one (only blade thirst, ie rangers)

updated a bunch of high-level rangers (slig ranger (VOS), slig stalker (DSM), amurian sentinel) to have a second (and in some cases, a first) use of blade thirst, but stopped at those because i want to see how the DR-bypassing aspect of +5 weapons feels before doing any more. 5/+5 items are VERY expensive and very high-level, and i don't want them to become useless against a large number of (what are already typically the highest-damage) monsters almost as soon as you can actually use them.

hopefully fixed the spawns in the two "middle" rooms in deep maus to work properly if players circle the area. (previously, whichever room was visited after the boss room would spawn an orphaned lordk in there and all his support back in the entry room).

fixed Smack My Lich Up not activating (eeva's spell was terminating the convo, so the BQ code never ran: swapped the two nodes).

deleted bw "ranged/melee" nodes from henchman convo.

Posted by: dave Nov 5 2017, 05:12 PM


* unzip into temp0 with module open in TS -> overwrite all
* recompile dn_mod_pcchat
* refresh custom creature palette

-Fixed a typo in Monty Python's conversation
-Updated some signage in Paradan Port District
-Dagdaan Wild Turkeys and Beavers are now in the Hostile faction (ie now same faction as Rakastas), but are also marked with DN_IS_HERBIOVORE/DN_IS_OMNIVORE ai flags
-Amurian Wild Beaver now marked with DN_IS_OMNIVORE ai flags
-marked numerous Creatures/Custom/Monsters/Common/* animal/bird/vermin builds with DN_IS_HERBIVORE/DN_IS_CARNOVIRE/DN_IS_OMNIVORE
-marked Notus Lotes with DN_IS_HERBIVORE
-marked Beetlegeuse with DN_IS_OMNIVORE
-marked Mockingfey, Disenchanter, and Fey Toads with DN_IS_OMNIVORE
-marked Paradan Sewer Rats with DN_IS_OMNIVORE
-renamed Paradan sewer rats from "Rat" to "Sewer Rat" and re-filed them under Common creatures
-removed unused creature palette folder "Unloved/Ooze"
-flattened "Unused/Unloved/Orphaned" monster palette folder as it had only one subfolder once Oozes were removed

-updated dn_mod_pcchat handling of the "loot" emote autochat chat (was triggering at same time as builder "loot" command - usage is now filtered better by token count)

Posted by: arQon Nov 6 2017, 11:52 PM - LIVE


made some internal changes to the AFK widget so it works correctly offline. shouldn't affect online cases at all.

fixed premonition not working at all in the previous mod revision: a broken test version of the script wasn't reverted before uploading.

Posted by: dave Nov 10 2017, 02:56 PM
I don't consider this patch done (needs much testing), but the broad strokes of the updates and additions are in place. My machine is going to force an attempt (and fail) to update Windows 10 while I'm at work, so I'm updating the mod with my work as it is, just in case I have to wipe my hard drive and reinstall again this weekend. Ug.

-minor update to Mr Scott's name [first name and last name are now in the correct fields]
-Mr Scott now gives a Note as a quest reward instead of a potion
-Grilka should now accept Mr Scott's note in exchange for a PSP.
-updated module journal file to re-assign Dallav's unused old quest entry as an EQ -> quest tag changed from "q3" to "DNEQ2"
-updated quest scripts to remove references to Dallav's quest tag from "q3" [dn_inc_q_const.nss, dn_inc_q_journal.nss]
-marked Ettercap Silk Glands with EQ tag variable DNEQ2
-re-created Dallav NPC and set him to spawn in Birnham Forest near the Arachnid Lair
-Dallav's EQ should work but I have not tested it [built not tested]
-the NS Cook, Monna, no longer buys Slaad Tongues
-marked Slaad Tongues with EQ tag variable DNEQ3
-Toli should now offer an Extermination Quest for Slaad [built not tested]
-updated Babaeyl Halfling merc convo
-Sigo in Babaeyl no longer buys Darkling Charms
-Did some design maintenance on Sigo and his spawn in Babaeyl. Decorated his ship a little, too.
-created a new NPC (Llethreys) in Fort Achaea to offer Darkling Extermination Quest [built not tested]
-marked Darkling Charms with EQ tag variable DNEQ4
-the Dwarven Mob now spawns again in Fort
-reworked Vifur's convo and setup to re-design his interactions as an Artifact Quest [DNAQ02]
-did design maintenance on the Shrubbery related to aforementioned quest
-the shrubbery quest item can now spawn in 1 of n randomly selected locations [reused/refactored some code from DNAQ01, which can be revisited slightly to be more variable driven for the spawning container info if desired, later]
-marked Manscorpion Poison Sacs with EQ tag variable DNEQ5
-added a couple new NPCs to support a Manscorpion Extermination quest [built not tested]
-added some of the above-mentioned trophies to the DM/Builder Chest of Test Resources
-worked on Journal entries related to much of the above updates
-added some "--- breaker ---" journal entries not intended for players but that help visually organize the journal into subsections in the toolset to help find stuff visually more quickly. Because the color tags make it a pain to scan visually, this helps somewhat.
-fixed a broken script reference in Shroedinger's Artifact Quest conversation

Deleted Obsolete Scripts: [formerly supported Monna's Slaad Tongue buying habit]
• dn_has_slaadtong.nss
• dn_n_buyslaadtg.nss
• dn_n_buyslaad75.nss
Deleted Obsolete Scripts: [formerly supported Sigo (Bab) Darkling Charm buyer habit]
• dn_bab_hasdcharm.nss
• dn_bab_buych1k.nss
• dn_bab_buych800.nss
Deleted obsolete Vifur Dwarves who say Ni scripts:
• dn_fort_haskey
• dn_fea_hasshrub
• dn_fort_takeshru

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Nov 11 2017, 04:41 PM
-updated the description of Mr Scott's note slightly
-minor updates to Toli's conversation
-fixed some inconsistencies in the spelling of Llethres's name in the journal
-I previously re-activated the Dwarven Mob's encounter trigger, but not Vifur's. Fixed.
-updated the completed state journal entry for the general Extermination Quest explanation journal entry
-updated the DN_NPC_NEAREST_NEXUS variable on Krisnys and Karoni to Mag (was MagTuireadh, which blocks access to their EQ quest)
-updated EQ reward routine to address an issue wherein some rewards could be issued twice [needs more testing]
-manually color-tagged Toli as the spawn script isn't catching him for some reason

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Nov 12 2017, 05:45 AM
-fixed a color tag on the Shrubbery placeable used in Vifur's Artifact Quest
-minor updates to Karoni and Krisnys's conversation files
-polished/rewrote some of Karoni and Krisnys's quest journal entries
-updated Artifact quest handler to be smarter about taking AQ items from henchies during reward sequences
-updated Extermination Quest journal state manager to examine Party inventory, not just PC Speaker
-updated CheckLocalPartyForItem() to handle henchmen [dn_inc_quest_pw]
-updated TakeAndCountItemsFromPC() and TakeItemFromLocalParty() to handle henchies [dn_inc_quest_pw]
-henchman-less versions of some of the above are still available and probably were used to build the henchie-versions.
-refactored a few functions out of dn_inc_item into new source file dn_inc_relic; renamed (unused) constants and functions in this file toavoid future confusion [previously used "artifact" language => now uses "relic" to avoid confusion with the artifact quest system.

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Nov 13 2017, 03:46 AM
-added some decorations for Vifur in Fort Achaea
-refactored three identical AC/BQ/EQ functions into a single replacement in dn_inc_quest_pw
-generated HK stacks (for store fastbuy)
*deployed them to some of the (mostly lower level) shops
-updated custom itempalette
-Amur River Vile Den now has it's own Minstrel, Gord, rather than reusing the Mag T Minstrel. Gord performs Nautical Disaster, by The Hip
-Added another Minstrel as a lark in Mawg Ngaw near the gates
-updated dn1_songlist.2da for Gord [override]
-updated dn1_lyrics.2da for Gord [override]

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Nov 13 2017, 06:19 AM
-refactored some dn_inc_teleport stuff so builders can use zip commands in combat. Much more can be done, but for now, short term thingy improved.

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: dave Nov 15 2017, 02:31 PM
-marked the Meta BQ completion state as "completed" in the journal editor
-fixed the signage for Conjunction of Conjurors
-repositioned an unreachable placeable in Arachnid Lair
-Updated encounters in the Arachnid Silk Nest to add in Ettercaps to improve support of Dallav's EQ
-Updated CheckLocalPartyHasEnoughOfItem() to use TestStringAgainstPattern-based bGetIfTwoStringsAreIdentical() instead of "==" to test string equivalence
-Updated the DNEQ OnAcquire script to skip trophy counting for inactive quests
-Fixed a logic bug (inverted boolean!) in the DNEQ OnAcquire processing and handling of quest journal state updates
-gave myself Gust access to Kev's place for testing (door setup looked correct on quick inspection)
-gave Kev guest access to my place to reciprocate and for another testing opportunity

-rebuilt scripts

Posted by: arQon Nov 24 2017, 03:10 PM - LIVE

removed some extraneous "cast spell" properties from the Epic Bracers to return them to level 21

fixed transposed words in the name of the Paradan Slurm Containment Field note

fixed henchmen cost being slightly higher than intended because of an "off by one" issue with exptable.2da

mathell (paradan rogue shop) now buys rings, like the other rogue shops


sidenote: the door to my house works correctly OFFline for brie, and it works ONline for ami, so it's even more puzzling now. i suspect the door may have failed to initialise properly or something like that.
> just tried it with brie online, and it works for her now.

Posted by: dave Nov 30 2017, 06:44 AM
-unzip into temp0 dir, overwrite all, and rebuild scripts

-updates Grue Scarab to add some conc so their spells a a bit more monster-ability like, per Kev
-updates Mass Bulls scrolls to be useable by BArds
-updates bloodstain code for monsters with blood color W (white) or N (None):
*Elementals/Fey/Undead/Constructs have new default "Bloodstain" models as a Skull, a Glitterpile, or Rubble.
*CreateBloodStain() allows a variable to be set on creatures to override default for things like Bone Golems, or the Fire Faction Magical Beasts in MC
-updated several fire caftion Magical Beasts (Giedi MC) to use aforementioned override

It feels like there's some weird overlap to refactor in the interactions between how LeaveCorpse() works with CreateLootBag() and CreateBloodStain() for certain racial types. This all happens in the dn_inc_lootbag code, so I can come back at it another night. This should still be progress for tonight.

Posted by: dave Dec 2 2017, 06:04 AM

***includes all the updates from the previous patch plus more stuff - the dave_171129 patch can be discarded***

-refactored LootBag and BloodStain handling code
-new creature variable:
-updated how OnSpawnIn/OnDeath Concealment, Ghosting, & Ecto body bags are handled
-audited and updated numerous monsters settings related to Spawn in Conceal (Incorporeal) and Ghost (Body Blocking Off)
-affected creature variables:
-auditted/updated SubRace field on numerous Elemental Race creatures throughout the mod

Installation: UNZIP into temp0 and recompile all scripts!

Posted by: arQon Dec 3 2017, 07:14 AM - LIVE


reworked the pirates in the Pirate Bay (sorella quest)

sorella now takes ship tickets from players when dropping them off at TPB - this resolves players ending up with duplicate tickets if they die there, since there's no way to get back on board the rotarran without going through one of the "buy a ticket" paths. of course, this means that when they take the rowboat back to her, her convo breaks after completing the quest. so i reverted that change and went to add it to the signs, only to discover that they actually have a "i have a ticket" node, but it was so far down in the tree that you never see it, so i just moved it to the top... smile.gif

Posted by: dave Dec 4 2017, 08:01 AM

Installation: unzip into temp0 and recompile scripts

dn_mod_respawn - henchmen are now rezzed when their master respawns
dn_inc_soulstones - messaging fix (missing space between a number and a word)
dnw_ch_aca - fixed a typo in a comment (omnster - >monster)


Posted by: arQon Dec 5 2017, 02:51 AM - LIVE

imported include

tagged Vekz with DN_GENERAL_QUEST_NPC to give him the quest indicator

henchmen can now be resurrected for free via their contract, provided the player is not in combat and is near the henchman's corpse.

rewrote some iffy ai that could cause henchmen to basically freeze up if they were being attacked by "a lot of" enemies who had rolled much higher initiative. (usually noticeable from the henchman constantly shouting their battlecry but never actually attacking). may not be entirely resolved, but it certainly seems a lot better now.

lowered the level req for sorella's quest from 15 to 14. by the time players are 15 they're nearly always based out of bifrost and won't be traveling by boat again until well into epic. (note that the quest is often challenging even for strong level 15s, so if you do want to try it "early" bring lots of friends).

Posted by: dave Dec 10 2017, 08:11 AM
-updated some placeables in Ogygia - An Eye for an Eye
-updated some placeables in Ogygia - More than Meets the Eye
-it no longer rains in Camp Duster
-updated mfx tilemagic setup in Rakis - Shifting Sands
-updated some placeable blueprints
-worked on some new bits (not much heh)
-fixed a debug log reporting issue (copy/paste error) in the EQ system
*tried and aborted DelayCommand manipulation of the EQ reward handling - it broke the journal update for the EQ
-fixed a broken transition in Death Halls
-updated weary trav resref, old version marked for deletion, update DM Resources chest accordingly
-updated dn_inc_spells_const.nss

-unzip into temp0 with module open in toolset
-rebuild EMS precache [to coordinate with spells.2da revision]
-recompile scripts

Posted by: arQon Dec 11 2017, 12:12 PM and - LIVE

fyi: precache only needs rebuilding when spell changes impact caster classes, so that umd and "normal" scroll use behaves correctly. "special" spells and monster abilities etc don't actually change anything it really "cares" about.

enabled the Codex Of Infinite Crossroads

changed tara's level 13 and 14 ammy from Silver Onyx to Gold Onyx

fixed a bug with Ice Burst doing Cold damage for its secondary rather than Blunt

Nospmis Mask and Symphony Of Shadows now buff summoned creatures as well

Posted by: dave Dec 13 2017, 07:02 AM
-added a lower level to the Mawg Ngaw Barrows
[import and overwrite all conflicts!]

[UPDATED: 171214 - same filename, new date - added flavor text]

Posted by: dave Dec 17 2017, 01:03 AM
-updated Grilka's convo:
*made some formatting/descriptions more clear
*added references to upgrading an armor ring from +5 to +6, which appears to be supported
*moved the FoY reward in the "smart PC" dialog branch to be the last possible PSP quest processed in the sequence
*added support for the Slurm quest for the "dumb PC" dialog branch [untested]
-added a Gypsy to "Feywild - Two Roads Diverge"
-fixed some placeable positioning in Feywild - Boar's Tusk

Import and overwrite all

Posted by: arQon Dec 18 2017, 12:54 AM - LIVE

imported dn_barrow_171212.erf

imported dave_171216.erf

added grak and jemma to The Fox And Hound (bifrost bar)

yin and yang now upgrade to +5 Enhancement at 27

the DD and EK sets will now power up regardless of the player's classes. (all the other sets already did, but those two had specific checks to prevent it. obviously, chars will need enough UMD ranks to be able to equip the items in the first place if they don't actually have the appropriate class).

the Pale Master Summoned Vampiress now has HIPS

Posted by: dave Dec 24 2017, 04:34 PM
-added a new lootbag default model for plants and support to reroute to it manually where desired
-added a "psp" chat command
-refactored 2 slightly different psp feedback scripts into one, which is also now reused for the chat command added above
-updated weary trav zip list to improve coverage of feywild area listings
-scaled down the new monsters in the lower Barrows to 60% of model size
* I'll re-evaluate other changes to spawns/layout/etc after additional play-testing
-implemented the "Animate Tree" monster spell-like ability and deployed it on the Ents, per original intent
-updated Brokenstone Vale encounter blueprints and instances to difficulty "DN Normal"
-updated Murkendraw encounter blueprints and instances to difficulty "DN Normal"
-updated Maze of Fathaghn encounter blueprints and instances to difficulty "DN Normal"
* I see more playtesting in my future. smile.gif

[also done/already updated] - documented the "psp" whisper chat in the server dn1_chathelp.2da override file
-new stuff
*overwrite all


Unzip both files into ./temp0, recompile scripts


Posted by: arQon Dec 25 2017, 10:05 AM and - LIVE



fixed some formatting in the starseed planting message

deleted a rather pointless dn_fort_bless script that was hidden on the cloak shop owner, since it wouldn't work anyway

tweaked the timing of sgt eeva's bless a little so it doesn't get lost in the "quest accepted" vfx

fixed a bug introduced in the Dec5 AI rework that prevented henchmen from using "Tactics" (HIPS, KD, etc) when they were in straight-up melee against the same opponent

sable will now heal herself (if needed) during the "downtime" if she hides in response to a flanking attack (was only when hiding from her target)

the opposed check for Bigby 6-9 is reported now if EMS_HENCH_SHOW_SAVES is on

Energy Drain can now be removed with "normal" Restoration (and thus also Heal)

Merry Christmas smile.gif

Posted by: dave Dec 27 2017, 04:02 AM
-updated 3 custom palette skeletons (encounters, waypoints, creatures)
*refreshing the palettes after import may be wise
-added a new DI test lab area (zip dilab)
*numerous related new testing assets added
-replaced the feywild werewolves in zip montest with a 1x1 augu caster spawn
-moved a couple old .utw waypoint blueprints into a new palette folder
-added zip dilab reference to the weary trav conversation

Instructions: import/overwrite all

Posted by: dave Dec 30 2017, 07:46 AM
-imported my dilab ERF [previous post]

-deleted a few obsolete resources
-added zip points to barrows 1 and 2, documented them on weary trav dialog (ZIP_mnbarrows1, ZIP_mnbarrows2)
-Hell Bovine subrace field is now consistently listed as "Fiend" across all build blueprints
-updated the Turing Machine convo to fix the references to Dusk and Dawn [Thanks Kev!]
-updated Dark Crossing zip points to match the wild crossing naming convention and updated weary trav dialog accordingly
-simplified the Dark/Wild return script to eliminate the need for the designer to specify how many possible waypoints there are for the jump script to choose from
*applied the aforementioned change to affected existing blueprints and instances
*one Dark Return portal had a custom script, now redundant/replaced/removed
-feywild moonberry bushes should now all drop moon seeds in lieu of star seeds (blueprints and instances updated)
*this should be really just a cosmetic/naming change, not a functionality change
-worked on some new stuff

-rebuilt scripts


Posted by: dave Dec 31 2017, 03:19 PM
-fixed an ooze reference in Dallav's convo (thanks Kev!)
-worked on some new stuff
• Two new feywild dunjons are now open in the Deep of the Fey underdark
• I expect these need playtesting, and polish, but they are now accessible


Happy New Years!

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