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> Funny the people you meet in a dark tomb..., A little Paladin meets up with a little friend.
Posted: May 22 2006, 05:56 AM
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*Mini-E checks her supplies of healing kits and her equipment before preparing to enter the fabled Halls of the Dead.*

"Boy oh boy E, what are you getting yourself into?." She whispers under her breath. Sure, she has no doubts at all that this is her calling, plus, having two idols to look up to doesn't hurt either! She had heard of the powerful couple, Mini-P and Mini-S and vowed that one day she will become almost as good as they are... almost, a twinge of fear hits her and she shakes the feeling off as she calls upon her diety Aytay to prepare herself for the horrors that are known to be in the halls. She runs her fingers over the side of the shortsword she wields and say's a little prayer:

"Oh blessed Aytay, give me the strength to defeat the undead and to wipe their unclean souls from this tomb with my sword." She takes a deep breath and enters...

The stench almost overpowers her, the undead have been here too long and the stones reek. She enters slowly and listens... moans filter through the unmoving air as she turns a corner and spies her first. Raising her hands and calling forth the spell of turning the undead woman freezes in fear. E charges with her sword raised and smites her, again and again she thrusts her sword into the reeking flesh until it falls to the ground.

"Ugh" E crinkles her nose, "What a mess, well, one down..." She makes her way through the the next room, fighting undeads but alas, she is thwarted by a skeleton wielding a huge greatsword and before she realizes it, she is yanked from the world into the place most know as "Where the Penguins are".

Grumbling to herself for not being more aware, she looks for the portal and enters. "Hmm, that didn't go as planned." She thought to herself, while berating herself she is startled by a vision who makes an entrance. "Wha..?"

The glowing woman laughs and greets Mini-E. 'So, you attempt to defeat the halls do you?'. "Well, attempt is the word, whether I actually do it is another story." The woman laughter rings out and with a twinkle in her eye she looks Mini-E over and nods knowingly. 'I have a little problem that you may be able to take care of' . E looks at the woman waiting to hear what she has to say. 'I have spoken to your God, Aytay, and she has granted you with helping me, what say you?'.

"Of course! Anything for my God I shall do, just speak what you wish and it will be done!". 'Hmm, I am not so sure you should be so adamant, the help I need will be very hard, death might very well come to you again.. you know how he loves having someone in his realm to keep his penguins company!'. Her laughter is infectious as Mini-E laughs along in agreement. "Yes, I do know that, sometimes I think he brings souls to him not in spite but for pure entertainment!"

'Return to the Halls, enter as you had and after your prayers to your stone, enter deep below and you shall see what I need help with.' With that she left in a flash. Mini-E frowns a bit, "Well, she could have given me more information." Wondering what is in store for her, she makes her way to the grate to enter the tunnels below Mag Town.

A voice is heard while E is going through the tunnels fighting the worker ants, 'Well, hello there!'. "Greetings Sara! What brings you down here?" Sara chuckles, 'I was in the neighborhood and heading out to the campsite in the desert, may I tag along?' "You sure can, these warriors can be tough to fight alone".

Sara & Mini-E make their way through the tunnel and out into the hot desert. Formians, spiders and all sorts of other creatures try to bar their way.. to no avail. Mini-E is impressed with Sara's fighting ability, she will become very powerful one day.

'Where are you going?' Sara asks after they defeat the warriors. "I am off to the Halls, have a bit of praying to do as well as a little errand for some spirit who visited me earlier." 'Ahh' Sara nods knowingly, 'That happens alot in theis world, you never know what may be asked of you in a time of need. Well I am headed in that direction, but at the entrance, we will have to go our separate ways.'

"I do appreciate your company until then Sara." Mini-E smiles, "Two are better than one and too, I think the woman wanted me to endure this quest alone, although your sword would be helpful indeed!" She shakes her head, "But no, I must do it alone. Well, let us get to our parting area." The two girls race towards the entrance below and after fighting a few more formains they part ways with Good Lucks to each.

Mini-E enters the halls again and this time defeats the skeleton who thwarted her earlier, he must have thought that she wasn't coming back as he seemed not prepared for her sword. She said a quick prayer and her stone disappeared. Filled with the energy that emanated from her gravestone, she went off in search of the entrance to the lower halls.

"Ok E, you better be on your toes down here." She took a quick rest and then prepared for the battles ahead. She entered the first room and speaking a turn spell, she froze the harvester in his tracks. She attacked the skeleton ferociously, scattering his bones around the room and then went after the mummy, again and again she hit with her sword, gleaming with the spells she put upon it, after he fell to the ground in a pile of bandages, she went for the harvester. He tried to slow her down with his spells of fire, but her small stature made it easy for her to run around and attack him full on.

After the fight she decided to rest a bit, wondering what might be in store for her. She prepared and went through the doorway and down the hall...

'Well, if it isn't little Mini-E...' She looked through the gate and her mouth fell open in shock. A childhood friend.. well, ex-friend, was peering through the gate. He was small like she was, but his twin swords shone dully in a reddish tint. His skin, darkened by the evil ways of the Darklings was seen by the torchlight. "I see that you have lost your way Dorgan, just like you swore you would when the Temple refused your wish to become a Paladin." He sneered at her, 'You Paladins think you are so high and mighty, well I have learned a thing or two and now I shall show you!' and with a yell he charged!

The Darkling Champion hit with both blades, E screamed in pain and deflected the next blows while she grabbed a heal kit, the strength and speed of Dorgan certainly was no lie from the stories she had heard about him, he was a fierce fighter and it took everything E knew and had learned in her trainings to keep up with him. She even lost a bit of sense after being forced into a corner and attempted a lay on hands.. which healed him! 'Hahahaha, you falter E!' he exclaimed in glee, 'I am not undead, so your powers cannot harm me!'. She grimaced as his blade sliced through her shoulder, "Yes, but my might and my shield will protect me!" She started attacking with more force and catching a glance of his eyes, she saw in them a flicker of fear as she she started to cut deeply into him with her blade.

Back and forth they fought as each looked to be winning, but with a final plea to Aytay to help her, she felt her blade enter deep into his chest. Dorgan fell to the ground with a cry of pain. His labored breathing told her that the wound was fatal and she knelt down by his side as he tried to speak. 'oh bugger...' and his last breath left him.

She stood up and was again surprised to see the woman next to her. 'Well Done!' she exclaimed, 'I knew that you would be victorious, and now for your reward.' She grinned and held out a sword. "Oh my!" Mini-E held the weapon in her hand, the aura of Aytay emanating from it. "This is a Holy Avenger!" She grinned huge as she wielded the mighty weapon. 'I thought I might help Aytay out a bit and give you your reward for your training so far. Plus I like that she owes me a favor!' She laughed and as she disappeared, 'Use it well Mini-E!'.

"That I shall, " looking towards the next room, 'That I shall..." Mini-E holds out her glowing sword and charges...

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