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> Ya never know what you might be drinkin', but who cares, its from a pub :)
  Posted: Apr 21 2006, 03:05 PM
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//Okay, okay, so the pixie really doesn't torture poor adventurers to death. I'm sure she does get on some peoples nerves though. Heres a story about when that happened to the owner of the Paradan pub..

I coulda just been an aleaholic. Nuttin' wrong wit da stuff. Ya know; warm - foamin ale, easy on da coffer, quick ta make and simple ta sell. But no - I dun gotta be likin' dat exotic stuff, like some plump bloody 'venturer. So me tavern now gotsa be stockin da stuff, and me patrons be wantin it - damn!

Dats ow I ended 'ere, front o da magik shop in Paradan, holdin me unspiced ale keg in one arm, pullin me beard lika regula guttapup!

Damnable pixie! Lemme in! *bangs on the door*

Nya uh! You gotta answer the riddle first!

But I already ansa'd it! Five times today!

So? That was then and this is now - You gotta answer a new one! *the pixie smiles devilishly*

A'right, fine. Gimme it.. I ain't got all dey ya bloody pixie!

*with an expression of mischief, she tells him the riddle* What gets wetter the more it dries?

*thinks for a bit* Hmm, a towel, ain't?

I must have asked you that one already - Try this!

Different lights do make me strange, thus different sizes I will change. What am I?

*answers it without a pause*

Humph! Unfair! That was too easy!

Canya let me in now? I dun be needin' me fix fer da night.

No! Not until you've answered it the way I want!

but dats' da right answer! I'd aready dun answered dat one before too

So what, this is fun! I love asking riddles

Dats it ya fairy *swats her out of the way and tries to open the door*


Fine, I'll be anserin jus' .. one .. more!

[several hours later..]

Pawn, ain't that it?

nope! Isn't this fun?


nuh uh






okay, fine, you can go in. Just kidding! Ha hah

*blows a raspberry at the dwarf*

*something in him snaps* Arrgh! Ya damned bloody fairy, dats da last straw! *grabs her and plugs her in the ale keg, shakin it up*

Well, not aint like dey'll be able ta tell da difference anyway! Har har har!

*and so he laughs all the way back to the tavern*

Meanwhile, the magic shopowner returns to her shop, scratching her head where her pixie used to be.

A certain tavern is doing rather well though!

The end!
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