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> Frequently Asked Questions, When did who say what where how?
Posted: May 5 2005, 04:40 AM
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If you have any comments or feedback regarding the FAQ, please submit replies to this thread.

What happens when I die?

When you die you have a pop up window that allows for different options. One option is to wait for someone to rescue you with a resurrection or raise dead spell. These can be cast from rod or scrolls by any player who has one. Another option is respawning. If you do this you incur a penalty of 50 xp points per level and 10% of your current gold. You can reclaim this loss by praying at your gravestone. Resurrection and raise dead scrolls and rods are available either through stores or making donations to certain temples.

How long does my gravestone last?

Your Gravestone will be at your place of death for approximately 2 hours of real-time unless the server is reset during that time. You can find your gravestone later by looking for a map pin on your mini-map.
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Screenshot of Map Pips

Where do I go when I Respawn?

Respawning will take you to the isle of the Death Watchers wherein there are 2 options.
- Walk through portal and return to the land of the living at the last Nexus Point you used...
- Utilize your SoulStone...
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How do I use the SoulStone and Dreamcatcher?

In order to use your SoulStone you need a companion near your gravestone. Also this companion needs to be within a certain number of levels in experience. This may require you asking for leadership to be transferred to the character that is near your gravestone. You receive a SoulStone when you've died and are hanging out with the Penguins.
Screenshot of Soul Stone

A DreamCatcher is similar to a SoulStone as you can use it to immediately join the party leader from You Awoke. It has similar level party requirements. You will obtain the DreamCatcher upon entering You Awoke, and it is taken away when you leave the same area. If you "talk" to it you will discover where you will awake if you take the normal portal.
Screenshot of Dreamcatcher
user posted image

How do I save my character?

Your character is saved each time you logout or rest. You should make a habit of doing this after completing a major quest or to save a special item you acquire. If the server crashes while you're logged in, it may not save any progress you've made since your last rest or logout. If you would like a copy of your character for use offline, use the "Save Character" button in the Neverwinter menu ingame.
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My character isn't where I left him before the server reset, why?

Resting saves your position as well as your character file. So make sure you rest in a safe place before logging out.

What is this "Useable only by Devout Monk" on an item for sale?

The script is reffered to as TIR or "True Item Restriction". It lets our designers make items that can only be used by the classes that we want. It also lets us decide how much of a class a character needs to use the item. It also means that no amount of Use Magic Device ranks can trump these restrictions.

For example, on Dreu Noctem an item that says "Useable only by Devout Monk" means you need at least 1/2 your character levels to be Monk at any time to use these items.
Screenshot of a TIR Item

How do I get a house?

Houses are generally given as a gift for those players that become more than transient adventurers and endeavor to call Dreu Noctem their home. Housing requests can be posed to a DM or requested on our forums here.

How do I get a player vendor?

There are many characters to speak with in the Trading Post, located in the Crossroads you just need to talk to one of them to aquire a vendor. Note that this method only works when there are available vendors. Since this is rare, it's best to post a request in our Player Vendors Owners thread in the forums here.

How do I use the nexus?

The Nexus is protected by a set of trials. If you speak to the NPC in Paradan, near the Nexus Portal, you can learn more about these trials. As you explore and reach further lands there is another trial to be undertaken. Also certain portals are added as you advance in level. You may need to complete the second trial before the other portals are added even if you have reached the appropriate level.
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What is this "Unstable Rift" I keep seeing?

Some monsters/NPC's are marked as "Bosses". You can usually tell them as they have a proper name. When they are defeated, an Unstable Rift opens near his body that is a one way portal to the nexus. They are intended to make some of our more lengthy quests or areas more accessable by giving you a quick way back to safety at the end.
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Where do I find the Master Tanner, Blacksmith, Tanner, Fletcher, Alchemist?

For most of this information you can talk with Tara in the Satin Road. Talking to the local resident players as well as just about every NPC you encounter will lead you to these Master Craftsmen. some know more than others and you never know who might be helpful. A point or two in Persuade can be a valuable asset for having a pleasant chat with the townsfolk.

How do I file a bug report?

There is a form in DN1 Bug and Exploit reports that lets you file a bug report. Reply to the form post, copying the form into your reply. Fill it in as completely as possible. A forum administrator will then split it out into it's own topic for the world to see. If it looks like an engine bug, the development team will ask you to report it to Bioware. Bioware wants pretty much the same information we want. If it's a short Typo or Nit please reply to this thread.

Who are the DMs?

The DN team is listed on the credits page. The currently active DM list include (in alphabetical order):

Lula Lamore

You will probably need to contact a DM at one time or another. They are a good resource for checking if something is a bug, getting help if a bug breaks your character, or for dealing with conflicts with another player. Please do not file bug reports with DMs in game. They won't remember and then the bug won't get fixed. This is a bad thing. Please don't try to play one DM against another. They talk to each other and doing that means that Torrilin has to come bash you with a 2*4.

Please don't pressure them to deal with your problem right now. It makes them feel bad if they're already helping someone else or trying to grab a few precious moments of game time for themselves.

Where can I find a map?

Your local area map can be accessed by pressing the "M" key (if using default key controls) or clicking on the map icon in the upper right of your control interface. Unfortunately this gets wiped out every time the server resets.

A printable map of DN can be found in the Strategy forums, here.

When are the Server Status and Character List pages updated?

The Server Status page is updated in real time, click refresh to see who is on the server as a player. The Character List page is updated each morning at 6am EST.

I messed up my new character, can I delete it?

Yes. Visit AFK as a character and talk to the Eternal Flame. It will give you instructions on it's use and will generate a key that you can use on our website to verify your Gamespy ID with your forum name. For full details and instructions, please read everything in this thread.
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What is AFK?

A common term for "Away From Keyboard", however on DN it is also an area. Access it by activating your AFK Widget.
Screenshot of AFK Widget
user posted image

How do I play NWN in windowed mode?

1. Open up your NWN.ini file in a text editor.
2. Add this line again under the [Display Options] section: AllowWindowedMode=1
3. Change the FullScreen from 1 to 0, like this: FullScreen=0

How do I make a quicklaunch icon for my desktop that goes right to DN?

Right Click your NWN desktop shortcut. Click "Copy".
Right Click your desktop somewhere. Click "Paste".
Right Click the new shortcut - it should be named "Copy of Neverwinter Nights" or something like that. Right Click it and rename it to "Dreu Noctem".
Right Click the new shortcut again and Click "Properties":

In the shortcut tab, look at the Target box. If it has a part that says "nwn.exe", change this to "nwmain.exe". Next, add this to the end of the command there:

How do I change the colors for the Server Messages?

You can customize most of the default colors for chat and party chat and whispers using the information in this post.

Huh? What do you mean that class works differently here?

Check out our page dedicated to our class changes here.

What else should I know?

- You will not automatically fail a saving throw by rolling a 1, nor automatically succeed by rolling a 20.
- Helmless heads - on Dreu Noctem, equip and unequip a helm. Item properties and abilities will remain without sacrificing fashion! You need to repeat this process after each login.
- We now have non-abusable spell sequencers to help buff yourself and your party quickly and easily. Screenshot of a Sequencer
- ATS Mining now requires a miners bag to mine ore - purchase such bags at one of the Blacksmiths throughout the realm.
- ATS Mining also has an Ignot Bag for storing your ignots. There is a Ignots Shelf in AFK for transferring ignots between players.
- Dreu Noctem has no permanent haste items, but now features different Boots that can increase your travelling speed.
- As a Cleric or Druid your deity can determine what elemental you summon from Summon Monster 7 - 9. Not all deities have this effect.
- Your deity can effect the elemental damage that the Darkfire spell uses.
- We feature an AFK updater which can update items which have been changed in the module since you got them.
- On Dreu Noctem, the DC for a Use Magic Device check on a spell scroll is 4 x the level of the spell. Furthermore, the character attempting UMD must have an INT score equal to the spell level +10, minimum. So Timestop has a UMD DC of 36, and requires a character with 19 INT (including bonuses from gear and spells). Bards attempting to use scrolls useable by Bards or Sorcerers can suppliment CHR instead of INT.
- It is worth noting that Immunity to Death Magic means exactly that, not immunity to all forms of sudden demise.
- We also feature new spells not found anywhere else. Check out the list here.
- Devastating Critical and Dragon Form have been disabled on Dreu Noctem.
- Spells work. Yes, all of them. No, we're not kidding, take Storm of Vengance for a ride.... For details on spellscript changes, refer to ingame spell descriptions or to the EMS changes thread on the forums.
- Yes we have Whips... Why does everyone want whips? (No, we don't have chains - sorry!)

Where can I find more information on DN?

More information about DN can be found in this FAQ and also at our About Us Page. Also our forums have information in many forms... Read through the pinned threads at the top of each forum to find other tidbits and historical records. But the best information on DN is from the players who reside here. Most residents are happy to answer questions about the world of DN although they may be a bit vague so as not to give away the fun... we generally don't bite unless asked politely....

Who the heck runs this train?

The admin team is currently made up of Duster47, shadguy, Torrilin and whitetower. The admin team can be reached at dreunoctem@earthlink.net. They have informed us that all 'body enhancing' informational emails are not needed at this time.

FAQ Credits:
I was asked to take up the FAQ and get it ready for use. Much thanks go out to Chev, Lula, D_Spear, MoogLover, Dave and everyone else who's helped with this sofar! wub.gif

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