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> I need a n00b's guide to ATS: again!, Revised three years after the original.
Posted: Jul 1 2006, 08:49 PM
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The older thread and version is here.

ATS Guide v2 (01 July 2006)


The ATS (Ambrosia Tradeskill System) was first developed in NWN in response to the tradeskill system in Ultima Online... or so it was claimed in the book. The development of ATS has been abandoned long before it becomes a complete and robust system... and PW developers that wish to implement the ATS crafting system would typically have their work cut out for them. As a result, ATS from PW to PW generally varies a lot. The ATS system used by Dreu Noctem, in particular, has underwent a lot of change due to the dilligent work of Enigma at first, dave and Temo Vryce, and then Maerlande, Faewyn and arQon.

This forum is the closest thing you can get to the general ATS forum. This mini-FAQ is based on the ATS system developed and modified for Dreu Noctem, however.

To begin with, all new characters are given a Tradeskill Progress Journal (book). This book will tell you the skill level of all the crafts you

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Posted: Apr 23 2018, 06:27 PM
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