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> Fletching Exceptional Arrows, A Call to Test
Posted: Jun 30 2006, 08:37 PM
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I've been talking with SirSlider this week who has been running up his fletching skill.

I mentioned to him that there are exceptional arrows - of which he hasn't made any of yet. He's gained 400 points in fletching without making one, so they seem to be not working.

Could someone else with a fletcher try a bit and see if they get any exceptional?

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  Posted: Jul 1 2006, 02:35 AM
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I can try with Diana this weekend

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Posted: Jul 1 2006, 07:14 AM
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Archer by name, but not by nature. He has *zero* DEX, and as a result won't be able to make exceptional items until he boosts it.

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Posted: Jul 1 2006, 08:16 AM
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SanejmeH has recently made exceptional ammo but only about 1-in-20 attempts turned out that way.

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Posted: Jul 1 2006, 11:57 AM
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QUOTE (arQon @ Jul 1 2006, 10:14 AM)
Archer by name, but not by nature. He has *zero* DEX, and as a result won't be able to make exceptional items until he boosts it.

Hmm might have something to do with this:

Related Secondary Skills: None
Tools required: Paring Knife, Woodman's Axe. Woodman's Axe requires Martial/Rogue Weapon Proficiency.
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Weight requirement: Medium
Initial Investment: Very low
Profit: High - ability to make powerful ranged weapons, in some cases better than what the game offers.

This is a very simple and profitable skill that will appeal to bow users - typically Fighters, Rangers and Rogues. Using this skill, as the name implies, you can make bows (short and long) and crossbows (light and heavy). It's a skill that will require a lot of patience, however.

Right then, first you begin by taking your Woodman's Axe to a tree. Oak trees just outside the Fletcher's will do well to begin with. While chopping the tree, you may obtain both long and short staves - short staves are required for shortbows, long staves for longbows. For crossbows, that'll come later, but they'll require BOTH short and long staves of different kinds - the spine is made out of long stave and the arm out of the short stave. Oh, and feel free to sing the Lumberjack's song from Monty Python - go on, the friendly DN's lumberjack also does that! No comment about putting on women's clothing and hanging around in bars tho...

Now that you've had some staves, go seek the Fletcher, conveniently located in Birnham Forest East (off Faeyn). He'll also give you 5 skillpoints to begin with. To make a bow, you need staves as well as various cords. A pumice stone is also required to make smooth bows (they are more powerful than rough bows but, you guessed it, harder to make). If you're making compound bows, crossbows and battlebows, also note that you'll also need a PAIR of compound bow pulleys. Higher end bows as well as unique bows also require Bowyering Essence, all available for purchase.

Exceptional-able: All bows and crossbows with exception of unique bows and battlebows.

Quirks: Again, gross violation of the conservation of mass. The fact that the guards won't care if you chop down the trees. And who the hell forgot about Yew trees? Sure it makes the crafting so much less tedious, but old English longbowmen already knew that they prefer to pluck yew.

Related Secondary Skills: None
Tools required: Fletching Knife
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Weight requirement: Very low
Initial Investment: Medium
Profit: Low to medium low - ability to make some decent ammunition.

The complementary skill to Bowyering... while you make guns with the other, this one gives you the ammo. Anyway, it is best to raise this skill cocurrently with Bowyering, since they're done in the same building, and since you typically don't make much profit out of Fletching anyway. You want to use your crafted stuff instead of selling them. Anyway, you start out by being able to make standard arrows and bolts, but eventually you'll be able to make elemental ammunition. Currently, this skill is capped at 160. The Master Fletcher will give you 5 skillspoints to start with.

Everything you need here, you can buy. You can start by crafting shafts out of short staves, but this is quite a waste because staves are more profitable to be turned into bows. Initially, however, this is the only thing you can do, so do it. To craft an arrow or bolt, you need three things: a tail, a shaft, and a head. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.) But anyway, you need fletching as tail, and arrowheads for head. In addition, to make elemental arrows, you'll need advanced arrowheads and relevant fletching essence. Remember, you don't have to trudge through the jungle to get all these... all available at your friendly neighborhood Master Fletcher.

Exceptional-able: all arrows and bolts.

From this thread. I looked and was wondering why a fighter had so much intelligence myself lol. Maybe this is done wrong, as alchemy is a Wisdom craft, not Intelligence as it is mentioned.

EDIT: Re the Alchemy, I had posted about this too, but no one has changed it from this:

Related Secondary Skills: Refining
Tools required: Alchemist's Ladle, Pestle. Pestle requires Simple/Rogue Weapon Proficiency.
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Weight requirement: Low
Initial Investment: Low
Profit: None - you make it, chum, you suck it.

This skill allows you to make potions - healing and magical. Basically everything that your average monster drops, and maybe some others as well. With the decreasing amount of potion drops from monsters, this skill starts to show its value

This is a very tedious skill to advance since it requires a huge collection of body parts to start with. Find an Alchemist - one is available on Avonlea Vineyard. She'll give you 5 initial points to Alchemy and Refining if you pay the appropriate fee. You need to refine raw materials using a pestle to make the pure, wholesome and nutricious stuff you need to make your potions. Then, you use the ladle to start making potions. It's that easy. You start, of course, with Cure Light Wounds potions. The recipes typically requires pure honey, and special potions require two refined or powdered monster body parts. Pretty much any body part you pick up from dead monsters can be refined.

Exceptional-able: so far, I haven't seen, and don't expect to see, exceptional potions.

Oh and there are plenty of exceptional potions to be made :-) And btw, my Monk who has high Wis is an alchemist. Hence the Wisdom needed instead of Int.

EDIT2: Ok Don made a post on last page:

Primary skills
Armourcrafting: STR
Weaponsmithing: STR
Mining: STR
Jewelcrafting: CHA
Bowyer: DEX
Fletching: DEX
Alchemy: WIS
Tailoring: inexplicably, CHA :P

Maybe we should update the requirements from Phage's post so others don't get useless attributes?

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Posted: Jul 1 2006, 08:00 PM
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There are too many changes to ATS already that I would probably need a complete rewrite of the ATS guide.

It didn't take me too long to do the last one, but my biggest concern with the current form of ATS is my unfamiliarity with it.

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Posted: Oct 7 2006, 10:13 PM
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I'll give this a try soon as time permits once I finish up some things builder side... wacko.gif

Chev Implis is max on arrow fletching with only sonic left that is not green and he has both Dex and Int to spare... biggrin.gif


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