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> BUG: check the pilgrimage reward script
Posted: Apr 24 2018, 05:17 AM
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Bug Reported By: arq

Date and Time [Within +/- 2 hours, please include your timezone] : 23 apr 18, 9pm pst

What character were you playing: kit

when i respecced kit just now, down to 16, her player skin was dumped in her inv and i noticed it had a LOT of "DEX+2" entries. obv there should only be one. iirc the pilgrimage script is called on level changes (because the *EK* script wipes everything), so it looks like it's just adding the bonus blindly each time - which it doesn't need to do if the pc wasn't an EK.
(alternatively, the code is fine and it's just The Damn ItemProp Bug again and it needs a delay in there for the cleaning to work properly).

obv fairly minor since it hasn't messed anyone up yet and it's been there for a very long time now (adding a tiny bonus like that won't invalidate the skin for a level 20+ char, which you pretty much have to be; and players can't trigger it via the foy either, because that also wipes the skin).

related, have the weary leveler wipe skins on leveldowns. tongue.gif

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