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Posted by: Strider Sep 8 2005, 12:09 AM
This thread outlines the changes which have been made to the classes on Dreu Noctem.

If you find anthing in error or have any additions, please reply to

  • Pale Master, Blackguard and Shadowdancer summons have been improved. Pale Master and Blackguard now scale into epic levels, though the Blackguard summons stop short of the actual feat you can take.
  • Low level self-buff spells are shared with your animal companion or familiar under EMS rules on Dreu Noctem.
  • Under EMS rules epic spellcasters with a primary stat score of 11 plus the number of spell levels in their class, and who have taken metamagic feats, will increasingly have those feats automatically applied to their spells as they gain more levels. These autometa feats can stack with other metamagic chosen in the traditional way, via the spellbook. (IE, if you maximize a spell that has been auto-empowered the spell will be both maximized and empowered.)
  • Extra Turning, Divine Might, Divine Shield, Improved Ki Strike and Bard Song feats should be available to any character meeting the prerequisites, regardless of what class they are leveling up in.
  • Improved Combat Casting, Lasting Inspiration and Terrifying Rage now require only 24 skill ranks instead of 25 in their pre-requisite skills.
  • Assassin Stealthy Visage, Harper's Grace, Harper's Splendor and Blackguard Fiendish Virtue abilities are supernatural [ie. cannot be dispelled] and last 1 hour per prestige class level.
  • Evasion has been disabled in medium armor or heavier.
Feats and Abilities:

Wholeness of Body
  • Is now class level multiplied by their Wisdom modifier, plus their Heal Skill level.
Lay on Hands
  • Is now class level multiplied by their Charisma modifier, plus their Heal Skill level.
Bard Song and Curse Song
  • The following song improvements have a Perform skill requirement of equal to the listed Bard level +3.

    Every 6 levels starting at Bard1: +1 AB, +1 Damage
    Every 6 levels starting at Bard2: +1 DodgeAC
    Every 6 levels starting at Bard3: +1 Fort
    Every 6 levels starting at Bard4: +1 Will
    Every 6 levels starting at Bard5: +1 Reflex
    Every 6 levels starting at Bard6: +1 Skills, +6 Temporary Hit Points

    *Curse song follows the same progression only with penalties being applied to enemies rather than bonuses to your party. (The Temporary HP penalty is applied as sonic damage...)
Base Classes:

  • Gain a progression of 1 rage per level.
  • Tumble is considered a class skill.
  • Gain the "Monster Uncanny Reflex" feat while enraged to make up for the shortcomings of Uncanny Dodge.
  • The Epic Barbarian feats - Mighty Rage, Terrifying Rage and Thunderous Rage will not function unless you are an Epic Barbarian (21+ levels in Barbarian), regardless of when you may TAKE the feats.
  • 6th Level - Gains the Lightning Reflexes feat.
  • 12th Level - Gains the Evasion feat.
  • 17th Level - Gains the Hide in Plain sight ability.
  • Tumble is considered a class skill.
  • Receive 6 skill points per level on Dreu Noctem, not 4. This change is not effective at L1 because of how HAK packs work.
  • Gain Rogue weapon proficiencies at Level 2.
  • Have 0% Arcane Spell Failure when wearing Light Armor of any kind. That is, they can cast spells in Light Armor without any penalties.
  • Receive 6 skill points per level on Dreu Noctem, not 4. This change is not effective at L1 because of how HAK packs work.
  • All the spells work! Oh, and we have LOTS of new ones too!
Prestige Classes:

Arcane Archer:
  • Seeker Arrow and Hail of Arrows now deal automatic critical hits.
  • Imbue Arrow damage now progresses at a flat 1d6 per level.
  • The DC for the Imbue Arrow and Death Arrow abilities have been improved and progress as you gain more levels in Arcane Archer.
  • Assasin's Ghostly Visage has been renamed to Stealthy Visage.
  • At 6th level Stealthy Visage improves to grant a +4 Dexterity Bonus.
  • At 8th level Stealthy Visage improves to grant a +4 Intelligence Bonus.
  • Hide is a considered a class skill.
  • Blackguard's Bull Strength ability has been renamed to Fiendish Virtue.
  • Detect Alignment feat granted at L1, useable once per day.
  • At 4th level Fiendish Virtue improves to grant a +4 Charisma bonus.
  • At 8th level Fiendish Virtue improves to grant a +4 Constitution bonus.
  • Epic Fiendish Servant Feat now summons an Epic Torrid rather than an Epic Vrock.
Harper Scout:
  • Perform is a class skill.
  • For characters with 5 Harper levels and who have 6 or more Bard levels, the character's Bard levels are used to determine the Caster Level for the Following Harper Abilities: Harper's Grace, Harper's Splendor, Harper's Sleep.
  • At harper Level 4, Harper Sleep can affect 3d4 Hit Dice of opponents. A harper with 5 levels who has 6 or more bard levels can affect 1d4 Hit Dice per bard level of opponents.
  • At 5th level Harper's Grace improves to grant Ultravision as per the spell.
  • At 6th level Harper's Splendor improves to grant See Invisible as per the spell.
Pale Master:
  • A Palemasters caster level progresses equal to 1 every 2 levels. So if you have 6 levels of Wizard, then take 10 levels of Palemaster, your effective caster level is 11.
  • The DC for the Undead Graft and Deathless Master Touch abilities have been improved and progress as you gain more levels in Pale Master.
  • Summon Greater Undead now scales into Epic, granting a Greater Mummy at Level 11, Vampiress at Level 13 and Dracolich at Level 15.
Red Dragon Deciple:
  • Breath Weapon progresses at 1d6 per level, and the save DC is 10 + CON modifier + 1 per level.
  • Perform is a class skill.
  • Two of our deities (Charess and Soonami) have customized Shadowdancer summon variants.
  • The DC for the Shadow Daze ability has been improved and progress as you gain more levels in Shadowdancer.
  • The shifter class has been overhauled and changed for Dreu Noctem. All shapes are now customized to monsters available on this world.

    1: Cybele Shape - Can change into an Ogre, Goblin or a Winter Wolf 3 times per day.
    3: Notus Shape - Can change into a Notus Lotes, Bugbear or a Giant 3 times per day.
    4: Infinite Cybele Shape - Can use Cybele Shape unlimited times per day.
    5: Shifting Sands Shape - Can change into various Formians 3 times per day.
    7: Notus Shape - Can use Notus Shape unlimited times per day.
    Scabland Shape - Can change into a Shadow Dancer or Tleiax 3 times per day.
    10: Great Graveyard Shape - Can change into a Greater Mummy or Defiled Soul 3 times per day.
    Infinite Shifting Sands Shape - Can use Shifting Sands Shape unlimited times per day.
    13: Infinite Scablands Shape
    16: Infinite Great Graveyard Shape

    Epic Feat: Molten Castle Shapes - Can change into a Spark, Nospmis Sibling, Incandecent Gord and Aphotic Armor.
    Epic Feat: Dragon Guardian Shapes (Wisdom 25 Required) - Can change into a Cold Slig, an Acid Slig or a Tannim Spawn.
    Epic Feat: Slaadi Shapes (Wisdom 27 Required) - Can change into a Green, Blue, Black, Grey or Death. Each Slaad has it's own unique powers.
Eldritch Knight:
    Studying the martial and arcane arts to equal degree, the Eldritch Knight is a versatile combatant who can cast fireball on her foes or charge them with sword drawn. The Eldritch Knight takes pride in her ability to use the right technique for the job: spells against physically tough foes and force of arms against spellcasting enemies.

    - Hit Die: d8
    - Proficiencies: None
    - Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier.


    Feats: Weapon Proficiency: Still Spell, Toughness
    Arcane Spellcasting: Able to cast 3rd-level spells.
    Skills: Lore 8 ranks, Concentration 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks.


    Eldritch Knights receive a bonus feat at first level. The feats to pick from are all fighter bonus feats (except Weapon Specialization). Eldritch Knights also gain Simple and Martial Weapon Proficiencies, Shield Proficiency, Light and Medium Armor Proficiency feats.

    Finally, Eldritch Knights gain an inherent 10% ASF reduction per level. They have warrior BAB and strong saves for both Will and fortitude.


    Upon gaining two levels in Eldritch Knight, the character gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in his highest arcane caster class (bard, sorcerer, or wizard). He does not learn any new spells through his abilities.
Epic Eldritch Knight:
    Hit Die: d8

    Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + Int modifier

    Spells: The epic eldritch knights caster level continues to increase by 1 per 2 levels gained above 10th. The epic eldritch knight also continues to gain new spells per day (and spells known, if applicable) at every other new level, up to the maximum spells per day and spells known of the arcane spellcasting class to which the eldritch knight belonged before adding the prestige class.

    Bonus Feats: The epic eldritch knight gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic eldritch knight feats) every 3 levels after 10th.

    Epic Eldritch Knight Bonus Feat List: Armor Skin, Epic Damage Reduction, Devastating Critical, Epic Prowess, Epic Weapon Focus, Overwhelming Critical, Epic Toughness, Improved Whirlwind, Superior Initiative, Epic Spell Focus, Epic Spell Penetration, Improved Combat Casting, Automatic Still Spell

Posted by: dave Jul 21 2010, 03:54 PM
I've updated the EK description to more accurately reflect our EK design since the 017 HAKs were released.


Posted by: dave Mar 28 2011, 06:39 PM
I've updated the EK description again. It was dated; EKs require Toughness and Still Spell on DN. They do not require Martial Weapon Proficiency any more.


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