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> A 'How Do You Game' thread, Getting to know other players and their gameplay
Posted: Jan 21 2005, 06:00 AM
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Thought I'd do this, for one to explain better on how me, Kathy, games in DN. Some of you know, some new ones, some old ones, but most don't and sometimes I may come off kinda bad in the wacky way I tend to explain stuff, so here goes...

First off, let me say this one thing... I don't have anything against Power gamers, never have it's just really not my thing and I'll explain; More than half of my characters.. maybe even two thirds have been around for a long time, Marissa, Vurk & Cait being top three. It took well over a year for all of them to reach even level 20, mainly because in Vurks case, he leveled with his mining. He really bites as a player due to being made in the first place to supply my other characters with weapons and a bit of gold for his girls heh heh 26 AC for a Barbarian? Cait started out as a jeweler, she's a bit shy of Master (Morties Ring the only thing she hadn't made) as I had started a Bard who took over her job.,. although I haven't played her in a long time. Cait is now a fair high level rogue/shadowdancer/fighter who likes smacking things more than spending hours (literally..lol) mining gems, and with Marissa, well, since I am finally learning more about spells she's fun to play as my battle cleric.

Truly, I like taking my time gaming, I like to get the whole map showing in areas where I am at.. anal? maybe so, but I do that with even sp mods.. something about the adventuring part of me for that. I also like to be in areas where I shouldn't be.. as I die many, many, many times.. that shows fact that I am crazy.. but who isn't? heh heh I don't mind losing the xp by not being able to get to my grave (mainly due to chickening out after the 3rd or 4th death ), I figure.. heck, I can make up the xp another time... I have plenty of it. Mainly doing the enemies who generally kill me.. well, I can 'see' for myself what my limits are.. "can I do good here? Hmm many gravestones.. nope", but at least I know what my character can or can't do.

With Sister and with Brother and other characters.. Sister leveled in my opinion too fast for me, BUT... I enjoy playing her now at level 21. Brother has done fairly good fast too, level 10 and I what, made him earlier this week? Not bad I reckon.

Now, I also enjoy (when I can hehheh George tends to call around this time) running amok with other high level characters.. whacking and not paying attention to loot and all but tearing new 'outlets' in various critters. I enjoy seeing what others can do too.. heh heh more than one of you has heard me saying 'Wow' or 'Cool' on this spell effect or that one.. or rooting the lone wizard who comes in and kills all the Bobs that we 4 dead ones can't get (lol, that was fun!) and saves the day so we can run a few feet and die again :-)

So, in short... please don't be offended if I am playing and I am perfectly happy to whack Ogres for 11 xp each although any are welome to join me but if you are looking for high xp at that time.. well we'll not level very fast then!, or wanting to just sit and yak (even if it is about politics.. ugh! heh heh Maer, I did enjoy it though!).. I get the urge to gain a few levels quickly, but I really want to enjoy my characters too and see what they can do at this or that level. Sometimes I'll want to get to a higher level, like with Sister just to see what a pure Monk can do in DN.. and sometimes I'll want to just whack things and not pay attention to if I get a level or not.. I play to have fun :-)

Oh and most all of you know too that I have no clue (slowly learning though) about what feats, skills, eq I should be wearing for better effects.. so I do listen to all advice.. but at times I can be stubborn too and keep what works for me... well, at least in my mind heh heh

For looting, most know I tend not too in parties.. in Marissa case she can only carry 100 lbs unbuffed, so after resting she can get encumbered. I may get a potion or heal kit every now and then. But I also loot when I am solo too with characters I can.. so either way, I'm ok. So if I don't loot when we are in a group, don't stop from looting yourself, I'll give a holler if I need to get any potions from a kill. :-) And most times I'll have bags filled with potions.. at least I try to!

Ok then.. thats me and how I game.. a bit of everything I suppose.. one of these days I'll get better at spellcasting and get my mid level wizards, sorcs, druids and bards active again. Especially where the castle is concerned.. just floors me that a wizard can breeze through there and my Level 22 (Ohh Vonda, forgot about her!) can eat the dirt with her fighter/dwarven defender self :-)

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Heh heh well, should update this as I've erm.. gotten a character up to epic in a short time..lol, well short time to me! So my first paragraph or so is a bit outdated :-)

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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 07:12 AM
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Great write up!

I'm a solo gamer for the most part. I even solo with my bard with a marginal degree of success, if ya can believe that. I like being a virtual tactician, hugging walls to drop in on a surprised bad guy, or going invisible into a crowd and dropping a couple meteor storms on em, or getting far away enough from some baddies that I can barely see them and start shooting at them with called shot leg (keeps them from running or even walking normally) so they'll be dead long before they get to me.

I think I would enjoy team play if communication was more fluid. As it stands, I can't type fast enough to bang out tactics with a team and more so lots of people would rather not think, just act and that's fine; it's a video game after all. I wouldn't mind having sessions with team speak now-and-again; after all, I got this nifty headset going on.

That being said, there will always be a place in my heart for a mindless romp.


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  Posted: Jan 21 2005, 07:25 AM
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Speaker to Rogues

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Hi Kathy.

Well as for me I kinda do both powergame and group gaming. I really enjoy playing with others when I'm not crafting something. I can do solo but I find it boring after a while.

I too have some charaters that have been around for over a year. Roseth comes to mind for me. She's my first charater, miner, weapon and armor crafter. I have since retired her from crafting and now she just enjoys going out adventuring with others.

Some other charaters I have were essencially powergamed. Tessa is my generalist wizard that can go anywhere at will if she wants to bulk up on exp or just run with others. I am currently developing her to be able to change the look of any weapon or armor. Oh BTW she was powergamed to her present level for the most part.

To sum it up I just like playing with others over going solo but can do both. Most of my charaters are epic but I do have a few that are just breaking double digits. I am constantly trying to learn more about the game and the world and do ask questions from time to time.

Oh one more thing about me is I play all women charaters and most of them are EVIL.

I hope I didn't confuse you too much. If I did just talk to me in a game and you will find out what I am all about.

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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 07:47 AM
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shad but true

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Heh, I just like to play. Sometimes I like to poke around on my own, sometimes I like romping around with huge parties that level everything, and sometimes I like to just hang with a couple friends off in some obscure underloved part of the mod that I haven't visited for a while.

Last night, I got to play with one of me old wizards last night for the first time since like September or October - back when arQon was working on shapechange, whenver that was. She hasn't adjusted her spellbook for EMS yet, and she hasn't got sequencers setup for buffing, either. Might do that this weekend. ohmy.gif

Jas, maybe we could contact Talon and see if he minds us sharing the Teamspeak server info with the larger DN [player] community. That would make it harder to use for DMing, and for GW, maybe, but maybe we could use a seperate channel or something when needed. Right now, it doesn't really get used much, so I kinda think opening it up to players and then looking for something for DMs (if they get busy again) might be worthwhile. Wouldn't hurt to try it anyway. I got a new headset/mic recently too. smile.gif


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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 09:53 AM
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I am definitely a powergamer by nature. I try to build characters to be really good at what they do, and to be able to solo in high-exp areas. As far as roleplay goes, most of my heavy roleplaying is PnP. I'll sometimes do some light roleplaying on DN, but only light, and I really couldn't tell you if my characters have a consistent personality from month to month (although my gut says probably not).

I do like playing in a party, as I think it's much more fun, but my party play is diablo-esque, trying to keep people alive and kill as many monsters as quickly as possible, as opposed to RPish.


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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 10:59 AM
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Thank you all :-) Glad to see I started a good thread! Just thought it would be nice to know how others tend to play. And Jason, I'm with you on the slow typing lol can't tell you how many times I have died trying to get a sentence through! heh heh That ot everyone is through the transition...

Anyhoo, this should be good for folks who play to find out about other players. Looks like Cait is finally getting to be good in the castle and I know Sister is pretty good too. And I also have a bunch of mid levels to get going too :-)

As for RPing, wish I could join in more of those as they are fun!

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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 11:49 AM
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Divine Asskickerologist

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Yip... good thread, and I'll share my thoughts as well.

Contrary to y'all might think, I'm not a powergamer at heart. My design philosophy from the beginning has been that if my characters can survive, and kill well, then they're built well. RPing is usually light although particularly memorable characters have developed personalities of their own.

That being said, I've had my spate of powergaming urges as well. Chances are, if you see a multiclassed character of mine, it's tweaked to varying degrees - the weirder the multiclassing seem to be, the more it's tweaked. Of course there are some disaster cases but they're limited to very few characters. Somehow, the characters that develop the personality for me tend to be the characters that have very few multiclassed levels - pure characters tend to develop the best ones.

I hate soloing. I do that when I have to but I try to avoid it. Most of my characters can solo to a certain degree but I tend to be on the cautious side and thus unwilling to take unnecessary risks, although I've been known to push the envelope on certain things. Of course, in a larger group, I tend to feel more secure and thus willing to take more chances. Taking from my design philosophy, I'm happiest at moments like: conclusion of a grand melee where my character is one of the (or simply *the*) character left standing. Of course this means that the cheesier the death (or the faster) I'd be annoyed to no end. I've been known to abandon characters because they're too easy to die, and depending on mood and likeability of the character, rebuild.

If that sounds like a characteristic of a tank player to you... you're darned right tongue.gif I play all sorts of characters, however, and my tankish philosophy leaked to certain extents to my non-melee builds. Beware of the tank playing an epic wizard ph34r.gif

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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 12:49 PM
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The Hard One

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I find I am playing here on DN much like I did in Diablo. I make a few uber characters usually to find or build stuff. And I am making a bunch of funky build characters to try out neat things.

I guess I'm a builder at heart. I'd like to try some RP since I haven't done any of that online. Only PnP back 10-15 years ago before all my friends and I started getting families. Online RP seems to have many advantages over PnP the biggest being the reduced dice overhead.

I've been carefully preparing a selection of characters at varying lvls so that I can join most parties as they form. I really love party play. Solo is nice, but I can play offline for that and do. And for solo gaming I generally prefer heavier strategy games. In fact, if it wasn't for the social aspect of online gaming I would never have tried it. Until I found Diablo, I was strictly a turn based strategy player. Or perhaps the odd very very good real time game like Homeworld.

I would love to see organized party strategy. However, it takes a bit of time to get to know other players and some luck in having the right players with the right characters online together. Last night I noticed some pretty good efforts. I was playing heavy tank with Dagmaer, and we had some good flanking with the rogues, excellent buffing from the cleric, spell support, and another heavy tank for frontal assault. That was good stuff for Moulten Castle Dark.

However, the only downside is with big parties and lot's of spells I start to lag to the point were I can't tell where I am. But still it's fun.

I try to have my characters with some interesting specialty or aspect. Wulfgar is a heavy cleric and a top notch choice for a first character. He lvled pretty fast and I missed a lot of areas. However, I would rather run with a group at any speed than go solo. Just more fun for me. I tend to play way too much and can do solo when I'm online alone since I'm on early mornings and odd times. That's when I try to do my crafting.

I also love to help out. Every time I've seen a new name, I go check the DN forum and see if it's a new player. If so, I make a new char and come rushing along to join them. I think it's very important to ask if they want hints to make sure I don't give spoilers they don't want. However, I know that the first 4-5 lvls can be really rough on DN so I offer the advice. Besides, it's the same as published in the walk-through.

I love to make stuff for others and work hard to keep my PV stocked with a broad selection of low-high lvl gear. I've been keeping her prices standard. I thought about reducing them since I no longer need money for Wulfgar, but then decided that it's better to keep even with the others and not undercut. However, I am very willing to negotiate prices. I also think that having the prices at the proper lvls helps with balance. Good gear should take effort to obtain.

I chose to make my crafters from one norse family. I liked Duster's idea for that. And I share the gold since 3 of them stock my Vendor but only one can get the cash out. Otoh, I try to make my newer chars work for their goods.

The other thing I would like to try is building. I don't know if the design team needs inexperienced help but I'd love to take on a basic project.

Good grief. I thought this would be short. I would also like to try DM'ing. Heh! But I have no idea how that works.

Maer (Don)

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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 01:11 PM
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I like to play with the deer, does that count?

I am without a doubt a groupie-talkie player. I'd often rather stand around and chat with people than bash things. So my quests (when I eventually relearn the toolset blink.gif ) tend to be talk- or relationship-oriented. Obviously works for some people but not all.

Great thread, btw!

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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 05:55 PM
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This may come as a surprise, but I'm not as powergamerish as people might think...

I have two distinct groups of characters. At one end of the scale there are the all-out "walk on water" builds: Annika is the most obvious one, with Dorf a close second. They're great fun to play while they're growing up, but they run out of challenges too early. These days, Anni spends her time studying Theology and making goodwill excursions around DN - there aren't many regulars who haven't been Resurrected by her at some point.

The other group are my "party" chars, and they're all deliberately flawed in one respect or another. Yes, even the infamous Ali. These are the ones I have the most fun with, partly because they might actually be challenged or even *gasp* die, but mostly because they ARE party chars. Partying is simply more enjoyable than soloing, even if it's just as a pair, though generally I like smallish groups simply because coordination becomes impossible once you go past about 4 players.

Partying brings whole new levels of joy and frustration to the game: from the inspired Cleric unexpectedly "Healing" the Lich that's decimating the whole group; to the idiot Tank holding an NPC *an inch away* from your Blade Barrier and getting pounded to bits ignoring the "FALL BACK DAMMIT" shouts, it's just a much more emotional experience. Getting through a tough fight alone is an almost clinical exercise. Doing the same thing in a party is so much more visceral. smile.gif

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Posted: Jan 21 2005, 05:58 PM
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Klingons Don't Cuddle

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I am not a power gamer. It is the journey and people you meet along the way that really matter. I enjoy RPing each character with an attempted unique personality and unifying culture where I can cross my Star Trek interest with this game (note - in ST literature there is actually an ancient Klingon history, sort of a Knights-of-the-Roundtable tale, on which my little "family" and several in-game books are based). Most are expert crafters and will gladly make something for someone if they ask.

Play-wise they are usually good tacticians & much more cautious when they solo than in a group.

Being a builder, I also have my clan spend a fair amount of time testing/tweeking/checking areas, quests, conversations, etc. so the rest of you may find Drue Noctem to be an immersive world where you can either run amuck hacking, slashing, and casting - or - try some RP as the mood suits you. I recommend that everyone have at least one of their characters talk to every single NPC in the game at one time or another. No telling what new things you may learn from them.

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Posted: Jan 22 2005, 12:59 AM
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How do I play? Such an interesting thread. smile.gif

Thinking on it, I'm not sure. Since terms like "powergamer" or "munchkin" are rather thrown around, but not really defined, I hate to use them.

Do I like to roleplay? Yep! Though I get most of my roleplaying from playing PNP, I don't mind doing it on occasion online. I'll admit I don't walk around *in* character like some, but if cornered by one of Duster's Klingons, I'll slip into a role. tongue.gif

Do I build powerful characters? Do I min/max? It's been known to happen. smile.gif
Do I powerlevel at the expense of fun or others? Definatly not. The journey is as important as the goal.
I like to build characters which will be fun to play, and have a really good chance at surviving and doing neat things.

You want to know my personality? Yes my characters tend to be power builds. I typically try to make the best of whatever build I choose to do. But I'm here for fun, and that includes alot of aspects. As much as I have my epic wizard with 250hp, I also have my 50hp 10th level Bard. smile.gif I'll run in groups where the outing gains very little XP, but I will tend to try to arrange it so there is some. smile.gif

I'm always up for group play. I'm here for the world, I'm here for the social aspect. I don't tend to run solo anymore, due to there being so many more people around, plus having a regular running partner. rolleyes.gif

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Posted: Jan 22 2005, 05:36 AM
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Greeks Don't Exist

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Hmm I tend to be an experimenter and tend to have more unconventional builds. I do try to optimize my builds as often their very survival is based on carefully balancing things. Actually I avoid most cookie cutter builds with zeal. I love to quest and love to roleplay when the situation lends itself to it... Partying is definitely my preference and I try to keep a wide variety of ages... Sadly with school my hours of play are also unconventional.

Also I love to craft and help out others how every I can... Crafting is often tedious but worthwhile in the end... Sort of like work in life..


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Posted: Jan 22 2005, 10:46 AM
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King of Shifter Mountain!

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As with many I imagine, my prefered style of play changes with time and depending on my mood.. whats going on in real life, and the like.. But for the most part I like to keep things social. As far as rp goes, I love it:) Though most of my rp comes from many years of mushing online more then pnp. But its a fun thing to do when I get a chance to get in character. As for power builds, Well.. I like to make the best at whatever I'm making.. Whatever it is, so yes, I min/max.. But I won't be such a power gamer as to take the fun from anyone else.. This place is about fun, if it wasn't fun, there'd be no reason to be here.
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Posted: Jan 23 2005, 06:22 AM
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How do I game...


I guess it depends on how I feel. Somedays after a stressful day at work I just like to do some mining and crafting for a wee while just to unwind. Other days is find new areas and explore. biggrin.gif Some days I have powergaming tendencies - what I mean by powergaming is like running around Notus hills killing giants because the xp is good. and I'll hold my hand up and admit that in early 2004 I did exploit the old UMD and summon creature feature for rogues until it was fixed (fixing it was the corretc action IMHO).

Since I've come back to DN in Nov I've tried to avoid the running around an area too much just for the xp and more try and see more of DN by exploring as it has changed a lot which is great.

I'd like to visit the higher level areas but I don't know if you can go there solo. I tend to play solo not through choice but because when I am on either there are no groups and DM's on as it is evenings and weekends Euro time that I am on or we all have different level characters. If there are any Euro DM's and players PM me and we can maybe get some group play organised.

I'd like to try other ATS skill beyond mining and weaponcrafting but I've never got around to it.

I tend to be a bit of a pack rat - I never throw any bit of equpment away willingly and have old chars as mules:suprised:. I think this maybe old Diablo habits showing through - mules and muling was part of life there.

Looking at my chars most seem to be melee or bows and no spellcasters !! so I guess the next one should be a spellcaster just to try.

Anyways its fun fun fun playing on DN and long may it continue.

Cya online

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