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> Player Vendor Owners, Reference list
Temo Vryce
Posted: Feb 22 2004, 08:24 PM
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Ok it seems that every now and again someone wants a player Vendor. Unfortunately only 9 were coded. So every now and again someone has to give up a Vendor. For the most part I can find someone who hasn't played in a while and I remove their Vendor after contacting them or at the very least trying to contact them. So I've decided to start trying to keep better track of who has a Vendor and when they received the Vendor. This list should also help people realise how long they have had a vendor and think about releasing control to someone new. We will try and update this when someones posts a change.

Thread Rules:
1. Document when you hire a vendor here stating your character name and the date, or when you have released your Vendor.
2. Do not clutter the thread with trivial postings.

Feb 01/05
Vendor - Character - Player - MM/DD/YY
Harian Krown - Chevalis Implis - Chevalis - 02/22/04
Corina Fyne - Jemma Coulter - arQon - 12/14/04
Clava Benner - Ishinou'e Seisato - Althai - 3/23/04
Tagnor Eisig - Vrurk - Faewyn - 13 Mar 07
Loric Klennes - Liz Copperface - Lord Twitch - 06/11/06
Mereppi Weil - Eve Jantiss - NatNit - 12 Jan 09
Perirry Teadowfies - Tina Armorhead - SirSlider - 01/26/05
Julie Tannemein - Brok - Emaleth Donnelaith - 12/10/04
Vrogdish - Gimli Sterio - Cember - 02/21/05

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Posted: Sep 12 2005, 07:40 AM
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1) I am releasing 3 vendors. If you hire them post here so I can update the list.

2) Vendors have an unknown limit of items. If you exceed it they will crash and all will be lost. It's quite large, but don't put things on vendors like heal kits. Stacked items will fill them up quickly. The vendors are meant to sell crafted gear or interesting things you find. Do not use them as your storage area. If you need that, request a house.

3) Please keep your vendors clean. They cause lag for the server if overfull.

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