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> No Horses, No Riding on Dreu Noctem, ~nwn 1.69 patch stuff
  Posted: Jan 24 2009, 01:26 AM
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shad but true

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Note: Dreu Noctem does not support the Riding skill or any of the Mounted Feats introduced by Bioware's v1.69 patch. This includes the paladin summon mount feat, which is simply disabled on Dreu Noctem.

Due to quirks of the NWN custom content system, changes we made for DN are not considered by the game during character creation. This means that if you make a new character, you will have the option to invest in the Ride skill [at level 1 only], and to take feats like Mounted Combat. For all level ups afterward, the game will take our changes into consideration and it will not be possible to invalidate your character.

So if you invest in Riding on a new PC, you will not be able to login with the character!

You have been warned. smile.gif Don't invest in the Ride skill on the character creation menu for Dreu Noctem, and don't take Riding-related feats.


Dreu Noctem
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