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Posted: Apr 24 2004, 09:28 AM
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The traveller pulled her cloak up high over her shoulders and tight to her head. Flavie had been kind enough to help her through that abyssmal forest, and a warm fire sputtered and pierced the darkness from a clearing ahead.

This must be the Satin Road.

Breaking out of the trees, the traveller trudged single-mindedly towards the heat of the fire. She stopped suddenly, and her jaw dropped. There was a tiger curled up in a huge wet ball of fur in front of the fire.

"Well hello there!"

A lady with green hair stepped out of the darkness of the forest and greeted the traveller. But the traveller had just passed that spot....?

"Mishkah, share the fire!"

The tiger eyed the green haired lady and made a grumpy tiger sound. Instantly, the tiger had sprung onto her, pinned her to the ground, and was shaking wet fur all over the place. The big cat sauntered ack towards the fire and streched out, seeming quite proud of herself.

"Oh ho ho, I like that!"

The lady with green hair propped herself up on her shoulders and beemed at the traveller. She winked.

"I'm Lady Whim and this, my furry little friend, is Mishkah.

"Welcome to Dreu Noctem!"

And then the lady witht he green hair was gone. The tiger started to snore.

Dreu Noctem
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