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> BUG: no soulstone on death
Posted: Sep 7 2017, 08:47 PM
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BUG REPORT - no soulstone

Bug Reported By: kev

Date and Time [Within +/- 2 hours, please include your timezone] : 1:40pm, sep 7

Area(s) Bug Observed In: amur weyr, inner sanctum

What character were you playing: delin

Please describe your observations: i died. remembered to use the soulstone to get back to the start of the weyr, and couldn't find it. looked at the message log, and it didn't show me being given one. sad.gif

looking at the code, the bug looks like a side-effect of henchmen. the custom area enter event only fires once, because there's only 1 pc, but there are actually multiple characters in there: and the custom event HANDLER says "we already know this is a pc", which isn't true.

i've put a simple workaround in there, which will hopefully fix it.

> and there's a similar bug with exiting death, i expect: even more so, since a player could summon a familiar etc while in death, then the familiar would be checked when the player respawns and the soulstone wouldn't be removed.


okay - this looks fixed, but it's reminded me that the death code needs to handle henchmen properly in other cases as well, like TPKs, where they arrive in Death still dead.

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