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> Running NWN on ATI/AMD video cards with Win7
Posted: Dec 13 2014, 12:30 PM
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On 64-bit versions of Win7 (possibly 32-bit ones as well), any version of ATI's drivers later than 9.12 will cause NWN to crash at startup.

The "recommended" workaround for this on the NWN Wikia is to install the 9.12 version of atioglxx.dll in the NWN directory. I've been using that approach for the last year, but it only barely works: the game will still fail to start half the time, and Alt-Tab will always crash it.

After poking around a bit, I finally have an answer: there's a hack in the post-9.12 ATI drivers specifically for NWN (like a Catalyst "Application Settings" entry, but "secret"). And, like an Application Settings entry, it's activated by running "nwmain.exe". Simply copying that file to a different name (e.g. "ati-nwmain.exe") and running that instead results in a rock-solid game even with the much more recent 14.04 drivers.

There is one downside: the built-in hack seems to be there to work around a texture blend bug, so you MUST disable "Environment Mapping on Creatures" in Video Options or everyone will be invisible. In return though, you get a crash-free experience, and can create an Application Settings entry that lets you use 24xEQ edge-detect adaptive multisampling, which is very pretty and doesn't suffer from the blurry text that the game's own AA options cause on ATI hardware.

sidenote> This also fixes the bug with the "invisible human" models used by Blackstaff etc becoming visible in AOEs.

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Posted: Dec 14 2014, 02:06 AM
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