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Welcome to Dreu Noctem!

Dreu Noctem is an action oriented, Neverwinter Nights persistent world. We feature a small, friendly, active community, no monthly fees, and an active development team that listens.

Your entry into our world will start in the quaint village of North Shore. From there you will explore out into the world visiting free cities like Paradan and Faeyn. Visit the Dwarven stronghold of Fort Achaea and ultimately visiting the besieged fortress of Giedi. Encounter enemies ranging from the arcane HoSDo' near North Shore, to the swarming Darklings under Cybele, to the dreaded Undead Armies of a Great Lich in Giedi's Great Graveyard.

How to get Started:

  • First register for our forums. They are a great source of information and news regarding the module. It also includes the bug forum, where people report when things don't quite go as expected.
  • Download the required HAK packs, and optional portrait packs.
  • After getting registered, check out the status page. It has the player password and server information for logging on.

Module Features:

  • Neverwinter Nights 1.69 Patched
  • Takes Advantage of the two NWN expansions: Shadows of Undrentide & Hordes of the Underdark
  • Additional Custom Content provide through several quality HAK packs
  • arQon's Enhanced Magic System (EMS) Spell Script modifications
  • Rabidness' Persistent World Trap System
  • Player vs Monster Focused
  • Modified ATS Crafting System
  • Player Character level limit currently set to 27
  • Soulstone System - Allows players to recover gold and experience points after a death
  • Nexus Travel - Speeding up travel from one end of Dreu Noctem to the other
  • Modified Difficulty Setting - Normal rules, except we have enabled critical hits and attacks of opportunity on players
  • Headless Helms - Equip a helm, then take it off and free your head. Abilities will remain!
  • Sequencers - Exploit-free buffing after you rest! Clear off your quickbars for whats importat... Emotes!
  • Spells - Over 50 brand new spells!
  • Dragonlairs - Our Dragons have more kick, epic encounters to remember!

Brief History:

Dreu Noctem was started by Engima in December 2002. The world was originally designed when L20 was as high as you could go, and only had individual areas devoted to a given level-range for player characters. The Ambrose Trade Skill system (ATS) was added as a stopgap measure to give players something to do while more content was developed ~ and it became an integral part of the module, heavily revised, expanded, and debugged by various contributors.

Enigma passed the module on to others in 2003, but continues to host us. The team and module have evolved over time and made efforts to continuously upgrade and improve what DN has to offer.

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